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IGNOU Grade Card

IGNOU Grade Card 2024: Indira Gandhi National Open University grade card 2024 has been released for the January 2024 academic session. Students can check the grade card on the university's official website at @ignou.ac.in. So, those who have been waiting for the IGNOU Grade Card for a long time can visit the university's official website at @ignou.ac.in, to check the IGNOU Grade Card 2024. Grade cards include assignment marks, enrollment numbers, practical marks, and Internal markings. These marks help the student understand his academic performance and what more improvement he needs. This article has mentioned all the important things regarding the IGNOU Grade card

Only the students who appeared in the last session of the Term End Examination (TEE) in June 2024, can find the grade card of IGNOU for 2024 here. IGNOU has an officially updated grade card for the June 2024 TEE on its official website. Students can download and check their grade cards by going to the university's official website.  

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In the IGNOU grade card 2024, students can see theory marks, assignment marks, practicals, vivas, projects, etc. Find out all the latest information about IGNOU exam notifications and how to check the IGNOU grade card 2024 with our instructions. They can get access to the IGNOU login credentials to download it. 

What is the IGNOU Grade Card?

The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) Grade Card is a document that provides information about students' performance in the term-end examinations (June and December). With the help of a grade card, students can know the marks obtained in a particular program the overall percentage, and what things they to improve on. Students can download their IGNOU grade card 2024 online, via email, or SMS. Students are advised to keep their grade cards safe because, in the future, they will need them for pursuing higher education and jobs as proof of their academic completion and performance in their respective course

IGNOU Grade Card Latest Updates 2024

  • Students can download the IGNOU Prospectus PDF for the January 2024-25 Session.
  • IGNOU has started Re-Registration for the July session of 2024 for different UG and PG courses. candidates can fill out the registration form before the deadline of 30 June 2024.

IGNOU Important Courses 2024-25

ignou.ac.in Grade Card 2024

Indira Gandhi National Open University Grade Card 2024 will be available on the official website of the university. The university has revised and updated the Grade Card 2024 for the June TEE. Interested students can check the grade card by going to the official website of the university at @ignou.ac.in. Students are requested to visit the official website of the university so they can get the latest information regarding the INGOU Grade Card. The university is currently accepting fresh admissions for the January  2024 academic session.

The Term End Exams (TEE) are administered by the IGNOU 2024 in two phases- December TEE and June TEE. The June TEE grade card for IGNOU 2024 will be available on the official Portal.

A candidate's TEE performance and assignment status are both included on the IGNOU grade card. The candidate's name, course, course code, and grade on the assignment they submitted, along with their theory and practical scores, are all included.

Students can use their Term-End exam and practical score to verify their IGNOU 2024 grade card. The percentage(%) is based on the IGNOU grade card for 2024 and the 70% results of the practical examinations and term-end exams, accounting for 30% of the total. For the BA/B.Sc/BDP/B.Com/ASSO, BCA/MCA/MPB/MP, and other programs, a separate IGNOU June 2024 TEE grade card will be provided. Students can get in touch with IGNOU administration if the grade card calculator 2024 shows inaccurate information or excludes any topics.

Note: Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) took the entrance test for IGNOU PhD, IGNOU BSc Nursing, and IGNOU BEd for the January 2024 Admission session.

In contrast to the results, IGNOU grade cards represent assignment performance; TEE theory marks, and TEE practical marks. In this regard, the IGNOU Grade Card for 2024 contains more information about the candidate than the IGNOU report card.

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IGNOU Grade Card 2024 Important Dates

IGNOU Grade Card Dec Release Date31 October 2024
Date of IGNOU Final Grade Card JuneJune 2024 (Tentative)

How to download the ignou grade card?

Many students sometimes feel very difficult because they don't know "How to check the IGNOU grade card or result?" From now on, students need not worry about this anymore because they can find the instructions mentioned below. 

  • Go to the official portal of IGNOU at ignou.ac.in.
  • Navigate to "Students Support" and click on the link "Result".
  • And, Select the "Term-End" Link.
  • Now, Choose the term-end subject from the list.
  • Now, log in with your Enrollment Number.
  • Lastly, Submit the Enrollment Number.
  • The Result Outcome display will be shown on the screen

Details mentioned on IGNOU Grade Card?

  • Assignment marks
  • Course code
  • Enrolment number
  • Practical marks
  • Programme name
  • Status (Completed/not completed).
  • Student name
  • Theory marks

IGNOU Grade Card Result 2024

The university will probably release the IGNOU Result 2024 on 27 June 2024 on the university's official website once the term-end examinations have been finished. It is important to understand that an IGNOU grade card differs from a result. Results of the IGNOU term final exams for the January and January sessions will be made public.

To see the result, candidates who sat the term-end test must input their 9-digit enrollment number in the result window. The grade card displays course details, TEE theory marks, TEE practical marks, and assignment marks, while the IGNOU 2024 result displays the students' course information and TEE scores.

IGNOU Grade Card 2024- Released Check Now 

Indira Gandhi National Open University issues the Result to students who have appeared for the Term End Examination (TEE). It contains all information such as a student's Name, Scores, and Qualification status of the candidate who appears in the IGNOU 2024 Exam.

The Grade card 2024 also contains the complete/not-completed status and information regarding marks for an assignment, term-end theory, and practical marks. When the Result is published, the Student will obtain the complete grade card with the marks of the complete year. For more details about IGNOU Grade Card, Please visit the official website of IGNOU @gradecard.ignou.ac.in/gradecard.

IGNOU Grade Card Status 2024

IGNOU grade card status 2024 can be checked and downloaded by visiting the official website of the university at @ignou.ac.in.  When looking at the IGNOU Grade Card State for the first time as a new student, it's possible that you would be confused about the status of your subject. Candidates can check the status of their subjects to see if they passed or failed by checking their grade cards.

If the statistics for a particular subject indicate "Completed," students have completed both the assignment and the theory exam. If the statistics indicate "Not Completed," however, students have either failed the theory exam or the assignments.

               COMPONENTS                  MEANING
               Completed                  Fully Passed
               Not Completed                  Fully or partially Failed

IGNOU Grade Card Calculator - Weightage Breakup

 Every IGNOU student has to be familiar with how to use the IGNOU 2024 grade card calculator to calculate marks so they may determine their grades independently and without assistance from the study centre. Here is an illustration of how to calculate a candidate's percentage(%) using the grades they received for their TEE exams, assignments, and practicals.

  • First, subtract the assignment marks from the first column of scores. Now compute 30% of it. =30% of 80 marks = 24 marks.
  • Secondly, Determine 70% of the marks for "Term End Theory" by taking them from the second-to-last column.

         = 60% of 60 marks = 42 marks.

  • Thirdly, Add the two above marks together, 

        which equals 24 + 42 = 66 marks.

  • As a result, your score on the Paper will be 66%. In the same manner, students may compute the results for each paper to determine their total passing percentage.

Why is the IGNOU Grade Card very helpful for Students?

IGNOU will update its grade card for the June TEE on the university's official website. IGNOU Grade card is very helpful for students because they can check their performance in the previous exam (June TEE). In case students want to take a printed copy of the IGNOU Grade Card, students can contact the Head office of IGNOU.

IGNOU Grading Chart 2024

Students can calculate their scores based on percentages with the use of the IGNOU 2023 grading scale. Additionally, it displays the point grade and quality level of IGNOU students.

IGNOU Things To Check For Grade Card

The student is requested to check all the information below to access the IGNOU Grade Card.

  • Name of Candidate
  • Subject
  • Enrollment Number
  • Subject Code
  • Number of assignments submitted
  • Theory marks
  • Status of qualifying (Completed/Not-completed)
  • Practical marks
  • Number of assignments required

IGNOU Grading System

GradeNumerical GradePercentage
O (Awesome)1085"}">>85
A+ (Excellent)975 to < 85"}">> 75 to < 85
A (Very Good)865 to < 75"}">> 65 to < 75
B+ (Good)755 to < 65"}">> 55 to < 65
B (Above Average)650 to < 55"}">> 50 to < 55
C (Average)540 to < 50"}">> 40 to < 50
D (Pass)435 to < 40"}">> 35 to < 40
F (Fail)0< 35
Ab (Absent)0Absent

How to Obtain Duplicate IGNOU Grade Cards? 

A charge of INR 250/- in the form of a DD must be paid to receive a duplicate IGNOU Grade Card. To the following address, kindly submit the application form and DD:

Contact details:

The Registrar

(Student Evaluation Division)

Indira Gandhi National Open University

Block-12, maidan Garhi

New Delhi-110 068

What is the difference between the IGNOU Grade Card and the Result? 

Candidates should understand the difference between IGNOU grade cards and results. 

  • The grade card shows course information, assignment marks, and TEE theoretical, practical, and assignment marks. 
  • Whereas the result page shows applicants' course information and TEE scores. Therefore, a candidate's academic performance is more thoroughly described on an IGNOU grade card from 2024.

IGNOU Important Instruction

The official IGNOU website will soon announce the university results in March. Students need to visit the university's official to check the results. For more information about the ignou scorecard, students can visit the official web portal of the Indira Gandhi National Open University. Students will receive their grade cards both online and offline mode.

FAQs of www.ignou.ac.in Grade Card 2024

Q: How can I get my IGNOU grade card?

Ans  For this, students need to visit the official website of the university website ignou.ac.in.

Q: Does Indira Gandhi National Open University provide a student ID card?

Ans Yes, IGNOU provides a Student ID Card for those who have successfully taken admission for a particular session. 

Q: Can students get the IGNOU Marksheet online?

Ans: Yes, students can get the IGNOU Marksheet online by visiting the university's official website and following the steps that we mentioned in this article.

Q: Do students need a hard copy of the IGNOU grade card?

Ans No, it's not important to apply for a hard copy of your IGNOU grade card. Students can get the grade card by mail. 

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