6,000 crore are allocated for the education sector in the Interim Budget 2024

The school and higher education sector got a boost through various schemes in the interim budget for 2024. the purpose of the PM SHRI school scheme fund is to witness a substantial 50% increase in the fiscal year 2024-25.

In the previous year 2023-24 the estimated allocation was 4000 crore through the increases this fiscal year 2024-25 is around 2000 crore. And total amount is allocated for this scheme estimated at 6k crore. The purpose of the scheme is to improve the school & higher education sector, The centre is sponsored by the PM SHRI School. Its main objective is to overall improve infrastructure, modernise schools, and smart classes and focus on practical classes.

Budget 2024 Wishlist: Key Highlights for the Education Sector

  • Strengthen Digital Infrastructure

In today's world, the demand for digital transformation in education is crucial for India. Edtech is here to stay, and strengthening the digital infrastructure can enhance our learning as well as teaching methods in line with the New Education Policy of 2020.

  • AI Integration

Hybrid education, which combines traditional and tech-based learning, is sticking around. Putting more money into technology and artificial intelligence (AI) projects for 12th grade (K-12) will make a big difference in the education sector.

  • Research and Innovation

Research and innovation will help make our education system a top choice for global students. Putting money into innovative concepts and discoveries will draw students from around the globe to our educational system. Leading the way in innovation and research guarantees an excellent learning environment that attracts students from all around the world.

  • Vocational Training

The New Education Policy 20220 must focus on employment and work possibilities for graduates, as it aims to achieve 50% GER in higher education. 

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