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UGC News

UGC News: The university grants commission is an authority that is set up by the Indian government to hold account and permission to the educational sector. With its headquarters in New Delhi, it gives out many news and updates to its students that they would require for admissions, exams, and inquiries. Pupils must at all costs keep in touch with the updates of UGC as it would provide them with the basic recent info and insight on the university progress.

It is responsible for all Indian universities thus, keeping a check on its updates and official site is favorable for pupils. The institute has news about cancellations, promotions, holdings, and meetings, etc. The official site of the authority would release only official statements and pupils can know about the last word of the universities. It has authority over the following types of institutes:

  • Government or Central Universities
  • Deemed Universities
  • Private Universities
  • State Unis

News And Latest Info. for UGC Admissions.

UGC News Updates:

  • UGC letter regarding: Inviting all Central/State/Private/Deemed to be a university to attend an online lecture on Academic Best Practices: some case studies. Click Here
  • UGC Public Notice regarding Not pursuing Higher Education in Pakistan. Click here
  • UGC Letter and Guidelines regarding: Pursuing two Academic Programmes simultaneously. Click Here
  • Courses offered in modern medicine by Singhania University, Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan without the approval of NMC (Erstwhile MCI)
  • दिव्यांग रिसर्च स्कॉलर्स के लिए UGC देगा 35000 की फेलोशिप to Apply www.ugc.ac.in/nfpwd/ पर क्लिक करें.

UGC has invited proposals from all stakeholders on the draft management“an educational collaboration in Indian And Foreign Higher Education Institutions to offer a Joint Degree, Dual Degree, and Twinning programs”.

The news issued on UGC is highly accurate and reliable. Pupils can check the news and updates in the notices section of the page. The pupils are allowed to go by each of the links uploaded to have more info and complete details on each of the news updates. The following news updates are for the month of December 2021 that includes the news and updates about the upcoming months in 2021 as well. The invite and form for the National fellowship for disabled pupils are out for the year 2021, pupils can go to the available links on the site and avail of more info on it.

The info on NFWPD would be available and only the pupils falling under the category of NFWPD can avail themselves the chance that is mentioned in it. On the 17th of Dec, UGC had issued the results on the NFSC category for 2021 as well, these results and their links are put up on the site of the UGC webpage of notices section. The revisions of curriculum info and the changes that are to be made with the help of it on the basis of the curriculum framework of learning outcomes letters have been issued under LOCF 2021.

The public notice news is also out, UGC has announced in Dec, about the regulations to be followed in 2021 on the online planes and HEI's form submission portals. The links have also been attached under the news section on the page. The NFSC will become effective from the 4th of Jan, 2021 under the rules of UGC, and the updated list of the HEIs for the next year of 2021 notice to come under the public alert is also been issued.

The degree plan rules and guides of UGC to offer the apprenticeship or internship embedded programs would also be started alongside. The terminal of MPhil and Ph.D. pupils has been updated for the date of submission of thesis for the year, the dates are extended. More news and details are up on the site.

University Grant Commission History:

The authority was established by the former minister of education of India Maulana Abul Kalam Azad under whom the UGC was inaugurated in Nov 1956. The UGC was established by the Act of 1956 as a statutory body for the Govt. of India under the vision of the parliament by the UGC Act. The formation of it in 1945 however was limited and did not have access to as much as it does now. Earlier, in 1945 it only governed and controlled central universities.

These central universities were also not all over India but only those of Delhi, Aligarh, and Banaras in India. The major control that it has today over all the unis was given to it by the Govt. in 1947. Similar suggestions were made to various bodies one of which was the UGC of the UK in the year 1949. The suggestion held the fact that the govt. should reconstitute the UGC authority. The UGC of that time fell under the control of S. Radhakrishnan who was the chairman of the body at that time.

The request was to advise a few improvements that could better the UGC of India in all terms from the UK govt. after this the govt. decided, in the year 1952, that all the institutes concerned with the higher learning of students will be controlled by the UGC among which were all the unis in India as well. Then, following this decision the inauguration was held by the minister of education and research.

Further up the lines, UGC made some crucial decisions in 1994 and 1995. It decided that it would decentralize its operations by 6 centers. These were basically 6 regs. centers in India. These included Kolkata, Bangalore, Pune, Hyd, Guwahati, and Bhopal. The headquarters today, are set up in the New Delhi areas that overlook all the unis. Though there are two more bureaus that can be found operating in the UOD south campus as well.

2015 was the year where the Indian govt. decided that there will be a ranking platform set up under the authority of UGC. The function of which will be to rank all the institutes in India in the Apr of 2016. This body was later known as the NIRF (National Institution of Ranking Framework)The former director, D.P Singh of NAAC was selected as the UGC chairman in 2017. This was a replacement of Virender Singh Chauhan that was the UGC member at the time. V.S Chauhan was a successor of Ved Prakash since 2017 after he retired from the position.

UGC Website Details:

The UGC Website uploads all notices and news on the official page. Pupils can go through the tabs on the upper column of the page where the Organization heading is given. It would lead all the pupils to the org. of the UGC authority. The info is given for pupils to see about the structure of the UGC org. the contacts and holders are also mentioned, info about each person and updates about meetings are given. Further, pupils will be able to find the section of the UGC Bureaus, where they can avail all info on the UGC Bureaus. On the Home page one can find:

  • Student Corner, for student help
  • Scholarship and fellowship section
  • Grievance and Anti-ragging box
  • Schemes at UGC corner
  • Faculty corner, for faculty help

The most important and availed section of the UGC website is its university section. Pupils can check out for their uni or the uni that they are aspiring for and gain all info about it or gain the links of their unis. The institutes mentioned there are under the control of the UGC authority which is how the UGC will be giving accurate updates on the mentioned institutes.

In the section on Colleges, pupils can find about the colleges falling under the authority and control of UGC. The sections and updates given in there are fully accurate and reliable as UGC is an official body. Pupils can check for the entry exam and updates from the section of UGC updates. Students can even avail info on how each of these exams is to be structured properly. The pupils will find able info in PDF form to rely on and to check from.

There is also a section of FAQs on the top of the webpage of UGC. Pupils can find their questions on the FAQs questions, so if any student has a query they can contact or search the answers from there. The questions are answered by the official authorities at the UGC and are highly reliable. The authority controls publications and e-books as well. On the site, pupils can find their publications and e-books from the e-library of UGC. The section of notices and tender is the most vital as per pupils’ access, click here for the link. Pupils can find all news and notices published and issued by the authority on the webpage of this link.

UGC Net News:

UGC NET Result has been declared and issued on the page, where it is given that 475 pupils have Qualified For Maulana Azad National Fellowship (MANF). The links have also shared the info on the mentioned pupils. The results of NET were put up on the site for MANF and a total of 47,157 pupils came out as qualified for the exam of UGC NET. The Gujarat Public Service Commission has issued that they are extending the deadlines for the post of professor reg. the UGC NET. The June session of UGC NET has also been issued on the site of the same, pupils can check their scores and the grades of their exam on the site and links of results. The answer key for the first 55 papers has also been released on the site, the pupils can check for their answer as they had received a pink sheet to check the answers from during the entry exam.

The cut-off marks and a final answer key have also been issued for the June session on the site of UGC NET. The percentile scores of UGC NET have been put up on the sites by the authority of NTA. The syllabus for the UGC NET for the current session has been put up for General Paper on Teaching & Research Aptitude (Paper -I) and other subjects such as Economics, Rural Economics, Co-operation, Demography, Development Planning, Development Studies, Econometrics, Applied Economics, Development Eco., Business Economics, Political Science, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, History, Anthropology, Commerce, Education, Social Work, Defence, and Strategic Studies, Home Science, Public Administration, Population Studies, Music, etc. The UGC NET 2021 is announced to be held in the months upcoming as of June 2021 and the month of Dec 2021.

The exam will be taken up by online operations. The entry exams will take place in CBT online mode. The entry on the National level entrance exam will be taken up by the NTA. The June sessions 2021 form filling work is to be notified yet. The pupils are recommended to keep in touch with the UGC NET news, they must check up on the dates as the forms will begin by March 2021. The second session of the Entry exam of UGC NET will begin by Sept 2021 for the exam that is to be held in December of 2021.

UGC News:

The latest UGC news for the UGC platform has been updated today, giving info on the Toycathon 2021. The UGC has declared that it will target making the country more Atma Nirbhar in the Toy sector. Under the ‘AtmaNirbhar Bharat Abhiyan’ that the prime minister initiated the hackathon is being launched called the Toycathon 2021.

It will be crowdsourcing of innovative ideas for the development or creation of toys and games in history. Civilization, ethos, and culture of India. The students that are willing to participate can check the updates on the following matter on the link, Click here. The students and faculty of HEI can participate under track 2 of toycathon 2021 and can win large no. of prizes worth Rs. 50 lacs. The last date for submitting the ideas in the format is 20th Jan 2021. Details will be further made available on the link, Click here.

The National Youth Day was celebrated today as the youth day for Swami Vivekananda is celebrated every year on 12th January National Youth Day. by the authority and the notice regarding it was also issued on the webpage. To commemorate the work done by Swami Vivekananda and take inspiration from his ideals, Universities and colleges are requested to organize the following activities with enthusiasm and fervor, adhering to the SOP in place in view of COVID-19:

  • Online lectures, Webinars on the teachings of Swami Vivekananda
  • Online Essay  writing  competitions/  Debate  competitions  I  Creative  Writing/Poetry Recitation
  • Designing Virtual Posters depicting his works
  • Using Social media to share his ideas and teachings

The rules and guidelines defined by UGC have also been shared, full info can be taken from the link. Some of it is being shared below. The Establishment of off-campus center (s): Institutions of Eminence Deemed to be Universities shall be permeance to stan new off-campus center (s) (max. of 3 in 5 years and not more than I in one academic year). by following the procedure given in the link, click here.

FAQs Of UGC News:

  1. How many times are pupils allowed to enter or apply to the UGC NET?

Ans. only three times a pupil can apply in the same, the restrictions are put up by the authority and controlling bodies.

  1. What details are put up about the Annual Fresher program in teaching ARPIT?

Ans. the UGC body has accorded one fresher course to the equal of online courses of ARPIT for its career advancement scheme. It is approved by the Ministry of Education MOE, the National testing agency, and free online classes that are given by Swayam.

  1. What are the imp. dates of ARPIT UGC?

Ans. the reg. the date has been declared, the end date of the event of ARPIT UGC is 31st Mar 2021.

  1. What is the online material that can help pupils to prepare for the UGC NET?

Ans. the best apps in the market for the preparation of the entrance exam is the ExamsPlanner website. It also has an App with it for students to avail the best preparation tips on the PAPER -I and PAPER-II of the UGC NET. The tips of marking and imp. info about the timetable is also given. The app also provides a book recommendation for the exams.

  1. What is the info on UGC NET? Why should students apply for it?

Ans. the NET or the national eligibility test is held by the authority of UGC to determine the eligibility of PG pupils only. They are determined against the standard of becoming an artist. Professor at unis and colleges of the country.

They are also tested on the standard of the Junior research fellowship award. The pupils with a PG Degree can apply for the exam after checking their subjects lists. Some of the benefits of applying for it are as follows:

  • The pupils receive a JRF Fellowship
  • They become a research scholar
  • They can become an assistant professor
  • They gain a promotion in the existing job if it exists
  • They can avail themselves chances in PSUs
  1. Can UG degree holders appear for the exam of UGC NET 2021?

Ans. No, the degree required pupils to attain a PG degree first, pupils must be postgraduates and must have cleared their degree in order to apply for the UGC NET. If a graduate wants to do the same, they can apply for the entry exam of CSIR NET.

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