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Date Sheet

IGNOU Date Sheet 2022:- IGNOU has released the 2022 date sheet for the July session term end exam on December 2022 online. Through the IGNOU Date sheet, 2022 students can check all the exams.  IGNOU Term-end exam for the session 2022 is held from December 2022 to January 2022 (Tentative). The IGNOU exam date mentioned on the date sheet 2022 is registration, examination form date, practical dates, Term End Examination, hall ticket, and result.

Engineering Courses After 12th

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Paramedical Course After 12th

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In the health-care industry and in hospitals, nursing personnel perform a critical role. They act as a link between patients and doctors. Nurses are in charge of all preoperative and postoperative operations because doctors are unable to perform them. During surgery, the nursing staff assists the surgeons with a variety of procedures. Patients are looked after, and charts are kept up to date.

General conditions for filling up the online Examination Form will be as under:

  • Registration for the courses is valid and not time barred.
  • Required number of assignments in the courses must have been submitted by due date wherever applicable as per the provision of your Programme.
  • Have completed minimum time to pursue the courses as per the provision of the Programme
  • Question Papers of the following Programmes/ Courses will be of objective type ( MCQ pattern ):




BSHF101, FST01


BNS041, BNS042


BLI011, BLII012, BLII013, BLII014






IGNOU Courses List 

  • Doctoral Degree
  • Master’s Degree
  • Certificate
  • Non-Credit Programmes
  • Phil Programme
  • Diploma
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • PG and Advance Diploma
  • PG and Advance Certificate
  • Online Programmes

The last date of Re-registration is 31 September 2022. The exams will begin on December 2022 and end on January 2022. Students will be able to submit Term End Examination form till November 2022.  IGNOU date sheet will be available by online mode on the official website.

Note:- In case of any confusion, verify your course name via IGNOU website by checking the code number of the course.

How to check IGNOU Date Sheet 2022?

  • Go to the official website - ignou.ac.in.

  • Click on the “Date sheet for TEE June” tab

  • Press the “Click here for details” button.

  • Candidates can check the IGNOU 2022 date sheet.

How to download the IGNOU date sheet?

  • Firstly, students need to visit the official website.
  • An applicant has to downloads the date sheet, which will be shown in the mid of the homepage and open it.
  • Students have to click on the particular questions paper for examination preparation.

IGNOU Date Sheet December 2022

DATE & DAYMORNING( 10;00 AM TO 1;00 PM)EVENING (2;00 PM TO 5;00 PM)
20.01.2022 (THU)MHD02/ MPS01/MSO001/MEC001/ MEC101/ MLI101/MGP001/ MFN001/ MSW001/ MES011/ MPY001/ MFC001/MWG001/ MTT010/ MJM001/ MJM020/ MS01/ PGDT01/MED001/ MLI001/MES004/ MES081/ MAW001/ MIP101/MEV001/ BCS011/ IBO1/ DECE01/ BNS041/ MEDS001/BLE004/ BEDS004/  BEG005/ BES016/ BFEE102/ BHC014/BHME102/ BNS014/ BNS102/ BPOI004/ BPR005/ BYG001/DCE04/ DTG004/ MCMM004/ MCMM104/ MIR011/MEV024/ MVE001/BNRI101/ BPVI031/BAP001/BRL006/ES331/ BPVI041/MVEI011/ BFDI071/MME201/ MME301/ AWRE01/ /ECO12/BGP01/MEG01/ MSK01/ MHI01/ MPC01/MPA001/ MPA011/ MANI001/ MCFT001/ MDE411/ MTM01/MTTM01/ MEV11/ MEVE11/ MDV101/ MGS001/ MMT001/ MVA020/ MST001/ MCH001/ MPC051/ / MEDS051/ MLE011/ MSD011/ MBP001/ MCS011/MCS201/MCS211/ BLI011/ BAB101/ BLI222/ MHYI044/ BPVI002/ BPVI011/ CNSHC001/ OSEI041/ OULE001/ OUL001/ MIS21/ CNS-AH001/MGS041/ BMS001/ BSL001/ CHR11/ BSMA001/BEV001/ ONR001/ BPYE001/ BSHF101/ BSSI011/ LSE02/
21.01.2022 (FRI)MHD03/ MPS02/ MEC002/ MLII101/ MGP002/ MFN002/MEG02/ MSK02/ MHI02/ MPC02/ MPA002/ MPA012/ MANI002/ MRD102/ MCFT002/ MDE412/ MTM02/MTTM02/ MEV12/ MEVE12/ MDV102/ MGS002/ MMT002/ MST002/ MCH002/ MPC052/ MEDS052/ MLE012/ MSD012/ MBP002 / MCS012/ MCS202/ MCS212/
MSW002/ MES012/ MAE005/ MPYE001/ MFC002/ 
MWG002/ MTT011/ MJM002/ MJM021/ MS02/  PGDT02/BSM001/ BEV002/ MME011/ MIS22/CNS-AH002/MGS042/ LSE06/ BEGC131/ / BBCCT101/ BLII012
MLI002/ MES005/ MES082/ MAW002/ MIP102/ MEV002/ 
BCS012/ IBO2/ DECE02/ BNS042/ 
AFWE01/ BHDA101/ BEGA001/ BPOI003/ BRL001/ES332/ 
BGP2/BCS091/BYG002/ /BFDI072/ 
22.01.2022 (SAT)MHD04/ MSO003/ MEC003/ MEC103/ MLI102/ MGP003/MEG03/ MSK03/ MHI04/ MPC03/ MPA003/MPA013/MAN001/
MFN003/ MSW005/ MES013/ MAEE001/ MESE061 /MRD103/ MCFT003/ MDE413/MTM03/ MTTM03/ MEV13/ MEVE13/
MPYE002/ MFC003/ MWG003/ MTT012/ MJM003/MDV103/ MGS003/ MMT004/ MST003/ MCH003/ MPC053/ MEDS053/
MJM022/ MS03/ PGDT03/ MED003/MED009/ MLI003/MLE013/ MSD013/ MBP003/ MCS013/ MCS203/ MCS213/
MES006/ MES083/ MAW003/ MIP103/ MEV003/ MPS003/ 
BCS031/ IBO3/ DECE03Group-6 ( EHD04/BEGE104/ /BEGE107/EPS06/EPS09/EEC07/
BAPI001/ BES018/ BFEE104/ BHME104/ BNS032/ BNS103/BECE107/ EHI06/EPA06/ESO16/ MTE13/ BPY011/ BULE-006/)/
BPOI001/ BWEE005/ CFN02/ MGY002/ MIR013/ MVE002/BAB103/ BPVI003/ BPVI012/ OULE002/ BLI223/ BSW043/ OSEI042/ / BMS002/ BLII013
BFDI073/ BPVI042/ BLP001/ MME202/MME302/ BPVI021/ BNRI102/ BPVI032/ BRL008/ BSM005/ES333/ BGP3/
BCS092/ / 

BA Admission 2022

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B.Sc Admission 2022

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BBA Admission 2022

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BCA Admission 2022

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B.Tech Admission 2022

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MBA Admission 2022

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MBBS Admission 2022

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Ph.D Admission 2022

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