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Courses & Fees

Suresh Gyan Vihar University Fee structure 2022-23: Gyan Vihar  University was established in 2008 and is located in Jaipur, Rajasthan. It is a private University.
Get detailed information about Suresh Gyan Vihar University's latest Fee structure 2022-23.

Suresh Gyan Vihar University Fee Structure 2022-23

B.Lib.I.Sc1 Yr40,000
B.Ed2 Yrs54,000
Diploma in (Agri)1 Yr 6 months90,000
Diploma in (Eng)3 Yrs1,26,000
M.Phil1 Yr1,40,000
M.Sc2 Yrs1,80,000
BCA3 Yrs2,13,300
M.Tech2 Yrs2,40,000
MA2 Yrs2,40,000
M.Pharm2 Yrs2,40,000
BBA3 Yrs2,47,500
BA3 Yrs2,70,000
BJMC3 Yrs2,70,000
BHMTT4 Yrs2,84,000
B.Sc3 Yrs3,00,000
BPT4 Yrs 6 months3,20,000
BHM4 Yrs3,60,000
B.Sc {Hons.}4 Yrs3,60,000
Ph.D3 Yrs3,60,000
MCA3 Yrs3,60,000
BBA + LLB5 Yrs4,00,000
MBA2 Yrs4,00,000
B.Pharm4 Yrs4,80,000
B.Arch4 Yrs5,00,000
B.Tech4 Yrs5,60,000
B.Sc + MBA4 Yrs5,60,000
B.Des4 Yrs5,60,000
BBA + MBA5 Yrs6,00,000
B.Sc {Hons.}+ MBA5 Yrs6,00,000

SGVU B.A Fee Structure 2022-23

Course Name SpecializationEligibility CriteriaFee
B.A.  Development Studies10+2₹90,300
B.A.  Economics10+2₹90,020
B.A.  English10+2₹90,060
B.A.  English & Journalism10+2₹90,180
B.A.  Geography10+2₹90,240
B.A.  History10+2₹90,100
B.A.  History and International Relations10+2₹90,140
B.A.  Philosophy10+2₹90,000
B.A.  Political Science10+2₹90,040
B.A.  Politics and Society10+2₹90,200
B.A.  Politics and Society10+2₹90,220
B.A.  Politics, Philosophy and Economics10+2₹90,160
B.A.  Psychology10+2₹90,080
B.A.  Public Administration10+2₹90,260
B.A.  Rural Studies10+2₹90,280
B.A.  Sociology/Anthropology10+2₹90,120
BA Journalism & Mass Communication10+2 with 50%₹80,000

SGVU UG Courses Fee Structure 2022-23

Course Name SpecializationEligibility CriteriaFee
B. Pharm Pharmacy10+2 (PCM/B) with 50%₹120,000
B.Arch  10+2 with mathematics and 60% marks aggregate₹90,320
B.Com. Corporate Secretaryship10+2 with 50% aggregate.₹120,060
B.Des Fashion Design/Interior Design/Textile Design10+2 with 60% marks₹120,000
B.Ed. EducationGraduation₹120,000
B.Lib and information science Graduation with 50% marks₹30,000
BCA Computer Application10+2 with Aggregate 50%.₹80,000
BFA Fine Arts10+2 with 50%₹80,180
BHMCT Hotel Management10+2 with 45%₹120,040
BTTM Hotel Management10+2 with 45%₹120,020
Management Accountancy10+2 with 50% aggregate.₹120,080

SGVU B.Sc Fee Structure 2022-23

Course Name SpecializationEligibility CriteriaFee
B.Sc (Hons.) Agriculture10+2 with 60% marks (PCM/B/Agriculture)₹60,180
B.Sc (Hons.) Horticulture10+2 with 60% marks (PCM/B/Agriculture)₹60,200
B.Sc + MBA B.Sc. Agriculture (Hons.) + MBA Agri Business10+2 with 60% marks (PCM/B/Agriculture)₹60,000
B.Sc + MBA Hospital and Health Management10+2 with science₹60,020
B.Sc + MBA in Public HealthGraduation with 50% marks₹60,040
B.Sc. Animation and Multimedia10+2 with 60% marks₹60,160
B.Sc. BioMedical Science10+2 PCB (50%)₹60,100
B.Sc. CBZ10+2 PCB (50%)₹60,040
B.Sc. Economics and Entrepreneurship10+2 with 60% marks₹60,140
B.Sc. Hospitality and Hotel Administration10+2 with 45% marks₹60,120
B.Sc. IT with specialization in Cloud Computing/Data Science/BlockChain/Machine Learning)10+2 PCM (50%)₹60,020
B.Sc. Medical Lab Technology10+2 PCB (50%)₹60,060
B.Sc. Molecular Biology and Genetics10+2 PCB (50%)₹60,080
B.Sc. PCM10+2 PCM (50%)₹60,000

SGVU M.Sc Fee Structure 2022-23

Course Name SpecializationEligibility CriteriaFee
M.Sc. AgronomyB.Sc Agriculture with 60%₹60,160
M.Sc. BiochemistryB.Sc in Bioscience with 50%₹60,060
M.Sc. BiotechnologyB.Sc in Bioscience with 50%₹60,040
M.Sc. ChemistryB.Sc in PCM/B with 50%₹60,140
M.Sc. ElectronicsB.Sc in PCM with 50%₹60,080
M.Sc. GeoinfomaticsB.Sc./BA Geography with 50%₹60,220
M.Sc. HorticultureB.Sc Agriculture with 60%₹60,180
M.Sc. ITBCA/B.Sc.(IT/Maths) with 55%₹60,000
M.Sc. MathematicsB.Sc in PCM with 50%₹60,120
M.Sc. MicrobiologyB.Sc in Bioscience with 50%₹60,020
M.Sc. PhysicsB.Sc in PCM with 50%₹60,100
M.Sc. Plant Breeding & GeneticsB.Sc Agriculture with 60%₹60,200

SGVU B.Tech Fee Structure 2022-23

Course Name SpecializationEligibility CriteriaFee
B.Tech + M.Tech CEM10+2 with Aggregate 60%.₹140,140
B.Tech + M.Tech Cloud Computing and Security10+2 with Aggregate 60%.₹140,120
B.Tech + M.Tech Energy Engineering10+2 with Aggregate 60%.₹140,100
B.Tech + MBA B.Tech in CSE & MBA in Business Analytics10+2 with Aggregate 60%.₹140,160
B.Tech. Civil Engineering10+2 with Aggregate 60%.₹140,060
B.Tech. Computer Science & Engineering10+2 with Aggregate 60%.₹140,000
B.Tech. Electrical Engineering10+2 with Aggregate 60%.₹140,040
B.Tech. Electronics & Communication Engg.10+2 with Aggregate 60%.₹140,020
B.Tech. Mechanical Engg.10+2 with Aggregate 60%.₹140,080

SGVU M.Tech Fee Structure 2022-23

Course Name SpecializationEligibility CriteriaFee
M.Tech. Cloud Computing and SecurityB.Tech /M.Sc/MCA with 60% aggregate in relevant subject.₹120,163
M.Tech. Construction Engineering & ManagementB.Tech /M.Sc/MCA with 60% aggregate in relevant subject.₹10,180
M.Tech. Digital & Wireless Communication EnggB.Tech /M.Sc/MCA with 60% aggregate in relevant subject.₹10,181
M.Tech. Energy EngineeringB.Tech /M.Sc/MCA with 60% aggregate in relevant subject.₹120,162
M.Tech. GeoinformaticsB.Tech/M.Sc./MA.(Geography) with 50% marks₹10,183
M.Tech. Manufacturing & Industrial Engg.B.Tech /M.Sc/MCA with 60% aggregate in relevant subject.₹10,182
M.Tech. Power SystemB.Tech /M.Sc/MCA with 60% aggregate in relevant subject.₹120,161
M.Tech. VLSI EngineeringB.Tech /M.Sc/MCA with 60% aggregate in relevant subject.₹120,160

SGVU M.B.A Fee Structure 2022-23

Course Name SpecializationEligibility CriteriaFee
MBA Agri BusinessGraduation with 50 % any stream (Arts/Science/Commerce)₹200,100
MBA Business AnalyticsGraduation with 50 % any stream (Arts/Science/Commerce)₹200,060
MBA Energy Trading60% in B.Tech/M.Sc. (Physics)/B.Sc. (PCM)/ BBA (With PCM in 10+2)₹200,200
MBA Ethical Leaders in Transformational Enterprises50% in graduation₹200,160
MBA Finance and AccountingGraduation with 50 % any stream (Arts/Science/Commerce)₹200,040
MBA Finance and BankingGraduation with 50 % any stream (Arts/Science/Commerce)₹200,080
MBA Hospital and Health ManagementGraduation with 50 % any stream (Arts/Science/Commerce)₹200,120
MBA Human ResourceGraduation with 50 % any stream (Arts/Science/Commerce)₹200,000
MBA MarketingGraduation with 50 % any stream (Arts/Science/Commerce)₹200,020
MBA Pharmaceutical ManagementGraduation with 50 % any stream (Arts/Science/Commerce)₹200,140
MBA Power Management 60% in B.Tech/M.Sc. (Physics)/B.Sc. (PCM)/ BBA (With PCM in 10+2)₹200,180
MCA Computer ApplicationBCA/B.Sc with 55%₹80,000

SGVU Ph.D. Fee Structure 2022-23

Course Name SpecializationEligibility CriteriaFee
Ph.D AgricultureMasters in Science (60%)₹120,200
Ph.D Automobile EngineeringMasters in Engineering (60%)₹120,160
Ph.D Civil EngineeringMasters in Engineering (60%)₹120,060
Ph.D Computer ApplicationsMasters in Engineering (60%)₹120,040
Ph.D Computer Science & EngineeringMasters in Engineering (60%)₹120,000
Ph.D EducationMasters in Education with 55% Aggregate₹120,280
Ph.D Electrical EngineeringMasters in Engineering (60%)₹120,080
Ph.D Electronics & Communication Engg.Masters in Engineering (60%)₹120,100
Ph.D Energy EngineeringMasters in Engineering (60%)₹120,180
Ph.D Information TechnologyMasters in Engineering (60%)₹120,020
Ph.D ManagementMasters in Management (60%)₹120,260
Ph.D Mechanical Engg.Masters in Engineering (60%)₹120,120
Ph.D MechatronicsMasters in Engineering (60%)₹120,140
Ph.D PharmacyMasters in Pharmacy (60%)₹120,240
Ph.D ScienceMasters in Science (60%)₹120,220

About Suresh Gyan Vihar University:

Suresh Gyan Vihar University (SGVU) is a not-for-profit autonomous private university located in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. In 2017, the university became the first private university in Rajasthan to be awarded an 'A' grade by National Assessment and Accreditation Council, out of the 22, NAAC accredited universities in Rajasthan. The University was established through the Suresh Gyan Vihar University, Jaipur Act (Act no. 16 of 2008) of the Government of Rajasthan. Its predecessor institution, Gyan Vihar College, Jaipur, had been in existence since 1999. Its parent institution Sahitya Sadawart Samiti was founded in 1938.

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