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Sardar Patel University Fee Structure 2022-23: It is a state university located in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India. This university is established in 2012 and the motto of the University is Knowledge is Power

Get detailed information about Sardar Patel University's latest Fee structure 2022-23.

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Sardar Patel University of Police, Security & Criminal Justice Fee Structure 2022-23

M.Tech2 Yrs1,53,000
BA + MA5 Yrs2,33,000
MA2 Yrs51,750
LLM2 Yrs51,750

SPU B.A Fee Structure 2022-23

Course SpecialisationEligibility CriteriaFee
B.A. EconomicsPassed 10+2 or equivalent129180
B.A. English LiteraturePassed 10+2 or equivalent129080
B.A. Functional HindiPassed 10+2 or equivalent129260
B.A. GeographyPassed 10+2 or equivalent129220
B.A. Gujarati LiteraturePassed 10+2 or equivalent129000
B.A. Hindi LiteraturePassed 10+2 or equivalent129160
B.A. HistoryPassed 10+2 or equivalent129100
B.A. Indian CulturePassed 10+2 or equivalent129120
B.A. LL.B. LawPassed 10+2 or equivalent30480
B.A. Logic & Phi.Passed 10+2 or equivalent129140
B.A. Mass Communication and JournalismPassed 10+2 or equivalent129240
B.A. Political SciencePassed 10+2 or equivalent129200
B.A. PsychologyPassed 10+2 or equivalent129040
B.A. Sanskrit LiteraturePassed 10+2 or equivalent129060
B.A. SociologyPassed 10+2 or equivalent129020

SPU M.A Fee Structure 2022-23

Course SpecialisationEligibility CriteriaFee
MA EconomicsBachelor’s Degree18,464
MA EducationBachelor’s Degree18,592
MA ELTBachelor’s Degree18,560
MA EnglishBachelor’s Degree18,432
MA GujaratiBachelor’s Degree18,400
MA HindiBachelor’s Degree18,416
MA HistoryBachelor’s Degree18,480
MA Journalism & Mass CommunicationBachelor’s Degree18,544
MA Logic & PhilosophyBachelor’s Degree18,576
MA Political ScienceBachelor’s Degree18,528
MA PsychologyBachelor’s Degree18,496
MA Public AdministrationBachelor’s Degree18,608
MA SanskritBachelor’s Degree18,448
MA SociologyBachelor’s Degree18,512

SPU B.B.A Fee Structure 2022-23

Course SpecialisationEligibility CriteriaFee
B.B.A. GeneralPassed 10+2 or equivalent129000
B.B.A. Hospitality ManagementPassed 10+2 or equivalent129100
B.B.A. IBPassed 10+2 or equivalent129060
B.B.A. Information Systems ManagementPassed 10+2 or equivalent129040
B.B.A. Information Technology ManagementPassed 10+2 or equivalent129020
B.B.A. LL.B. LawPassed 10+2 or equivalent30500
B.B.A. Tourist & Travel ManagementPassed 10+2 or equivalent129080

SPU B.Sc Fee Structure 2022-23

Course SpecialisationEligibility CriteriaFee
B.Sc. EnglishPassed 10+2 or equivalent30140
B.Sc. GeneralPassed 10+2 or equivalent30000
B.Sc. Home SciencePassed 10+2 or equivalent30020
B.Sc. Medical TechnologyPassed 10+2 or equivalent30120
B.Sc. NursingPassed 10+2 or equivalent30040
B.Sc. Occupational TherapyPassed 10+2 or equivalent30100
B.Sc. Physician AssistantPassed 10+2 or equivalent30060
B.Sc. Post   Basic NursingPassed 10+2 or equivalent30080

SPU M.Sc Fee Structure 2022-23

Course SpecialisationEligibility CriteriaFee
M.Sc. Applied PhysicsBachelor’s Degree64,700
M.Sc. Applied StatisticsBachelor’s Degree64,680
M.Sc. BiochemistryBachelor’s Degree64,100
M.Sc. BioInformaticsBachelor’s Degree64,180
M.Sc. BioInformaticsBachelor’s Degree64,580
M.Sc. BiomedicalBachelor’s Degree64,480
M.Sc. BiotechnologyBachelor’s Degree64,140
M.Sc. BotanyBachelor’s Degree64,060
M.Sc. ChemistryBachelor’s Degree64,460
M.Sc. Defence ScienceBachelor’s Degree64,500
M.Sc. Earth ScienceBachelor’s Degree64,520
M.Sc. ElectronicsBachelor’s Degree64,440
M.Sc. Electronics & CommunicationBachelor’s Degree64,720
M.Sc. Environmental Science and TechnologyBachelor’s Degree64,300
M.Sc. Food BiotechnologyBachelor’s Degree64,640
M.Sc. Foods & NutritionBachelor’s Degree64,600
M.Sc. Forensic ScienceBachelor’s Degree64,780
M.Sc. General (Home Sc.)Bachelor’s Degree64,620
M.Sc. GeneticsBachelor’s Degree64,320
M.Sc. GeoinformaticsBachelor’s Degree64,260
M.Sc. Industrial Bio  TechnologyBachelor’s Degree64,160
M.Sc. Industrial ChemistryBachelor’s Degree64,360
M.Sc. Industrial Hygiene and SafetyBachelor’s Degree64,760
M.Sc. Instrumentation and ControlBachelor’s Degree64,200
M.Sc. ITBachelor’s Degree64,240
M.Sc. Materials ScienceBachelor’s Degree64,400
M.Sc. MathematicsBachelor’s Degree64,000
M.Sc. Medical TechnologyBachelor’s Degree64,560
M.Sc. MicrobiologyBachelor’s Degree64,080
M.Sc. Nano  Science & Nano  TechnologyBachelor’s Degree64,420
M.Sc. Pharmaceutical ChemistryBachelor’s Degree64,220
M.Sc. PhysicsBachelor’s Degree64,040
M.Sc. Polymer Science and TechnologyBachelor’s Degree64,280
M.Sc. Quality and Productivity ManagementBachelor’s Degree64,660
M.Sc. Renewable EnergyBachelor’s Degree64,380
M.Sc. StatisticsBachelor’s Degree64,020
M.Sc. Surface Coating TechnologyBachelor’s Degree64,340
M.Sc. ToxicologyBachelor’s Degree64,540
M.Sc. ValuationBachelor’s Degree64,740
M.Sc. ZoologyBachelor’s Degree64,120

SPU B.Voc Fee Structure 2022-23

Course SpecialisationEligibility CriteriaFee
B.Voc Banking & Financial ServicesPassed 10+2 or equivalent30400
B.Voc Export & Import ManagementPassed 10+2 or equivalent30420
B.Voc Hospitality and TourismPassed 10+2 or equivalent30360
B.Voc Insurance & Financial MarketingPassed 10+2 or equivalent30460
B.Voc Retail ManagementPassed 10+2 or equivalent30380
B.Voc Software DevelopmentPassed 10+2 or equivalent30340
B.Voc Supply Chain & LogisticsPassed 10+2 or equivalent30440

SPU B.ed Fee Structure 2022-23

Course SpecialisationEligibility CriteriaFee
B.Ed B.Sc (Home)Graduate with min. 50% marks55,380
B.Ed BioscienceGraduate with min. 50% marks55,240
B.Ed ChemistryGraduate with min. 50% marks55,260
B.Ed CommerceGraduate with min. 50% marks55,220
B.Ed EconomicsGraduate with min. 50% marks55,100
B.Ed ElectronicsGraduate with min. 50% marks55,340
B.Ed EnglishGraduate with min. 50% marks55,040
B.Ed GeographyGraduate with min. 50% marks55,120
B.Ed GujaratiGraduate with min. 50% marks55,000
B.Ed HindiGraduate with min. 50% marks55,020
B.Ed HistoryGraduate with min. 50% marks55,080
B.Ed MathematicsGraduate with min. 50% marks55,280
B.Ed Micro Bio.Graduate with min. 50% marks55,360
B.Ed PhilosophyGraduate with min. 50% marks55,180
B.Ed PhysicsGraduate with min. 50% marks55,300
B.Ed Political ScienceGraduate with min. 50% marks55,160
B.Ed PsychologyGraduate with min. 50% marks55,200
B.Ed SanskritGraduate with min. 50% marks55,060
B.Ed SociologyGraduate with min. 50% marks55,140
B.Ed StatisticsGraduate with min. 50% marks55,320
B.Ed. Special Education Mental RetardationGraduate with min. 50% marks55,460

SPU M.ed Fee Structure 2022-23

Course SpecialisationEligibility CriteriaFee
M.Ed ArtsGraduate with min. 50% marks55,400
M.Ed Commerce (Economics)Graduate with min. 50% marks55,420
M.Ed ScienceGraduate with min. 50% marks55,440
M.Ed. Special Education Mental RetardationGraduate with min. 50% marks55,480

SPU PG Diploma Fee Structure 2022-23

Course SpecialisationEligibility CriteriaFee
PG Diploma Business ManagementBachelor’s Degree7,700
PG Diploma Cardiac Care TechnologyBachelor’s Degree7,820
PG Diploma Clinical DieteticsBachelor’s Degree7,800
PG Diploma Computer ApplicationsBachelor’s Degree7,680
PG Diploma Dialysis TechnologyBachelor’s Degree7,740
PG Diploma DieteticsBachelor’s Degree7,780
PG Diploma Drama and DramaticsBachelor’s Degree7,760
PG Diploma Hospital ManagementBachelor’s Degree7,720
PG Diploma Human ResourceBachelor’s Degree7,660
PG Diploma Mass CommunicationBachelor’s Degree7,840

SPU M.Phil Fee Structure 2022-23

Course SpecialisationEligibility CriteriaFee
M. Phil. Business StudiesPost Graduate970
M. Phil. Chemistry (Insti.)*Post Graduate1030
M. Phil. Computer SciencePost Graduate990
M. Phil. EconomicsPost Graduate750
M. Phil. Education ( Insti.)Post Graduate1090
M. Phil. Education(Dept)Post Graduate1070
M. Phil. ELT (Insti.)Post Graduate1050
M. Phil. EnglishPost Graduate710
M. Phil. GujaratiPost Graduate650
M. Phil. HindiPost Graduate670
M. Phil. History (Dept.)Post Graduate770
M. Phil. History (Inst. (CERLIP)Post Graduate790
M. Phil. Library –SciencePost Graduate950
M. Phil. MathematicsPost Graduate910
M. Phil. PhysicsPost Graduate890
M. Phil. Political Sciences (CERLIP)(Inst.)Post Graduate870
M. Phil. Political Sciences (Dept)Post Graduate850
M. Phil. PsychologyPost Graduate730
M. Phil. SanskritPost Graduate690
M. Phil. Social WorkPost Graduate1010
M. Phil. Sociology (CERLIP)(Inst.)Post Graduate830
M. Phil. Sociology (Dept)Post Graduate810
M. Phil. StatisticsPost Graduate930

SPU Ph.D Fee Structure 2022-23

Course SpecialisationEligibility CriteriaFee
Ph.D. Applied ChemistryPost Graduate2,310
Ph.D. BioSciencePost Graduate2,190
Ph.D. Business StudiesPost Graduate2,330
Ph.D. ChemistryPost Graduate2,250
Ph.D. Computer SciencePost Graduate2,470
Ph.D. EconomicsPost Graduate1,970
Ph.D. EducationPost Graduate2,150
Ph.D. ElectronicsPost Graduate2,410
Ph.D. EnglishPost Graduate2,110
Ph.D. Environmental SciencePost Graduate2,210
Ph.D. GujaratiPost Graduate2,030
Ph.D. HindiPost Graduate1,950
Ph.D. HistoryPost Graduate1,990
Ph.D. Home SciencePost Graduate2,130
Ph.D. Ind. Chem.Post Graduate2,290
Ph.D. Lib & Info. Sci.Post Graduate2,490
Ph.D. ManagementPost Graduate2,390
Ph.D. Material SciencesPost Graduate2,370
Ph.D. MathematicsPost Graduate2,450
Ph.D. MedicalPost Graduate2,350
Ph.D. Medical   BiotechnologyPost Graduate2,230
Ph.D. Pharm. ChemistryPost Graduate2,270
Ph.D. Pharma. SciencePost Graduate2,530
Ph.D. PhysicsPost Graduate2,170
Ph.D. Political SciencePost Graduate2,430
Ph.D. PsychologyPost Graduate2,010
Ph.D. SanskritPost Graduate2,070
Ph.D. Social WorkPost Graduate2,090
Ph.D. SociologyPost Graduate2,050
Ph.D. StatisticsPost Graduate2,510

About Sardar Patel University of Police, Security & Criminal Justice:

The Sardar Patel University of Police, Security, and Criminal Justice is a state university located at Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India.

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