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Courses & Fees

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Fee Structure 2024-25

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University fee structure with universities and offered courses. It has conducted various disciplines such as under graduation as well as postgraduation. 

Here is the list of Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Fee Structure, which is Given Below. 

M.Phil1 Yr20,000
MCA3 Yrs49,500
B.Tech4 Yrs50,000
M.Tech2 Yrs57,108
Ph.D3 Yrs60,000
M.Sc3 Yrs60,000
B.Tech + MBA5 Yrs1,85,400
B.Tech + M.Tech5 Yrs1,85,400
M.Pharm2 Yrs1,92,000

JNTU B.Tech Fee Structure 2024-25

Courses SpecializationsEligibility CriteriaFee
B.Tech. Civil EngineeringThe aspirants need to have Physics and Mathematics 3,60,000
B.Tech. Electrical & Electronics EngineeringThe aspirants need to have Physics and Mathematics 3,60,001
B.Tech. Mechanical EngineeringThe aspirants need to have Physics and Mathematics 3,60,002
B.Tech. Electronics and Communication EngineeringThe aspirants need to have Physics and Mathematics 3,60,003
B.Tech. Computer Science EngineeringThe aspirants need to have Physics and Mathematics 3,60,004
B.Tech. Chemical EngineeringThe aspirants need to have Physics and Mathematics 3,60,005
B.Tech. Electronics and Instrumentation EngineeringThe aspirants need to have Physics and Mathematics 3,60,006
B.Tech. Biomedical EngineeringThe aspirants need to have Physics and Mathematics 3,60,007
B.Tech. Information TechnologyThe aspirants need to have Physics and Mathematics 3,60,008
B.Tech. Electronics and Control EngineeringThe aspirants need to have Physics and Mathematics 3,60,009
B.Tech. Electronics and Computer EngineeringThe aspirants need to have Physics and Mathematics 3,60,010
B.Tech. Aeronautical EngineeringThe aspirants need to have Physics and Mathematics 3,60,011
B.Tech. Instrumentation and Control EngineeringThe aspirants need to have Physics and Mathematics 3,60,012
B.Tech. Bio-TechnologyThe aspirants need to have Physics and Mathematics 3,60,013
B.Tech. Automobile EngineeringThe aspirants need to have Physics and Mathematics 3,60,014
B.Tech. MiningThe aspirants need to have Physics and Mathematics 3,60,015
B.Tech. Petroleum Technology/Petroleum EngineeringThe aspirants need to have Physics and Mathematics 3,60,016
B.Tech. Petrochemical EngineeringThe aspirants need to have Physics and Mathematics 3,60,017
B.Tech. Aviation EngineeringThe aspirants need to have Physics and Mathematics 3,60,018
B.Tech. Aircraft Maintenance EngineeringThe aspirants need to have Physics and Mathematics 3,60,019
B.Tech. Metallurgical EngineeringThe aspirants need to have Physics and Mathematics 3,60,020
B.Tech. Power EngineeringThe aspirants need to have Physics and Mathematics 3,60,021
B.Tech. Agriculture EngineeringThe aspirants need to have Physics and Mathematics 3,60,022
B.Tech. Textile EngineeringThe aspirants need to have Physics and Mathematics 3,60,023

JNTU M.Tech Fee Structure 2024-25

Courses SpecializationsEligibility CriteriaFee
M.Tech. Environmental Engineering & ManagementB.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,000
M.Tech. Transportation EngineeringB.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,018
M.Tech. Structural EngineeringB.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,036
M.Tech. Infrastructure Engineering and ManagementB.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,054
M.Tech. Soil Mechanics and Foundation EngineeringB.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,072
M.Tech. Structural Design B.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,090
M.Tech. Highway EngineeringB.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,108
M.Tech. Computer-Aided Structural Analysis DesignB.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,126
M.Tech. Hydraulics and Water Resources Engineering B.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,144
M.Tech. Power SystemsB.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,162
M.Tech. Power ElectronicsB.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,180
M.Tech. Power & Industrial DrivesB.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,198
M.Tech. Power Electronics & Electrical DrivesB.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,216
M.Tech. Power Systems with Emphasis on H.V. Engg/H.V. EnggB.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,234
M.Tech. Power Electronics and DrivesB.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,252
M.Tech. Power System Control and Automation B.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,270
M.Tech. Power System EngineeringB.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,288
M.Tech. Power Electronics and Power SystemsB.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,306
M.Tech. Power System and ControlB.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,324
M.Tech. Power Electronics and SystemsB.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,342
M.Tech. Electrical Machines and DrivesB.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,360
M.Tech. Advanced Power SystemsB.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,378
M.Tech. Electrical Power EngineeringB.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,396
M.Tech. Power System EngineeringB.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,414
M.Tech. Electrical Power Systems B.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,432
M.Tech. Power Electronics and ControlB.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,450
M.Tech. Advanced Electrical Power Systems B.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,468
M.Tech. Control Systems B.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,486
M.Tech. Instrumentation and Control Systems B.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,504
M.Tech. Control Engineering B.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,522
M.Tech. Advanced Manufacturing Systems B.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,540
M.Tech. Thermal EngineeringB.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,558
M.Tech. CAD/CAMB.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,576
M.Tech. Machine Design B.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,594
M.Tech. MechatronicsB.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,612
M.Tech. Computer-Aided Design and Manufacture B.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,630
M.Tech. Mechanical Engineering DesignB.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,648
M.Tech. Computer Aided Analysis & Design B.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,666
M.Tech. Advanced Manufacturing and Mechanical B.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,684
M.Tech. Systems DesignB.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,702
M.Tech. Thermal Science and Energy SystemsB.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,720
M.Tech. Systems & Signal ProcessB.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,738
M.Tech. Digital Electronics & Communication Systems B.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,756
M.Tech. Electronics & Communication Engg.B.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,774
M.Tech. Communication Systems B.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,792
M.Tech. Communication Engineering and Signal ProcessingB.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,810
M.Tech. Microwave and Communication EngineeringB.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,828
M.Tech. TelematicsB.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,846
M.Tech. TelecommunicationsB.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,864
M.Tech. Digital Signal ProcessingB.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,882
M.Tech. Communication and Signal Processing B.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,900
M.Tech. VLSI & Embedded SystemsB.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,918
M.Tech. Digital Systems & Computer Electronics B.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,936
M.Tech. Embedded SystemsB.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,954
M.Tech. VLSI B.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,972
M.Tech. VLSI DesignB.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,990
M.Tech. VLSI System Design B.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,1008
M.Tech. VLSI & Embedded SystemsB.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,1026
M.Tech. Embedded Systems & VLSI DesignB.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,1044
M.Tech. VLSI Design and Embedded SystemB.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,1062
M.Tech. VLSI & Micro ElectronicsB.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,1080
M.Tech. Computer Science B.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,1098
M.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering B.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,1116
M.Tech. Computer Science and TechnologyB.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,1134
M.Tech. Bio TechnologyB.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,1152
M.Tech. Image Processing B.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,1170
M.Tech. Computer & Communications/Computers & Communication Engg. B.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,1188
M.Tech. Computer Networks B.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,1206
M.Tech. Computer Networks and Informatics SecurityB.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,1224
M.Tech. Digital Image Processing B.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,1242
M.Tech. Chemical Engineering B.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,1260
M.Tech. Petroleum Engineering B.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,1278
M.Tech. Pipeline EngineeringB.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,1296
M.Tech. Nano TechnologyB.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,1314
M.Tech. Spatial Information TechnologyB.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,1332
M.Tech. Remote Sensing B.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,1350
M.Tech. Geo InformaticsB.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,1368
M.Tech. Food Processing TechnologyB.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,1386
M.Tech. AvionicsB.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,1404
M.Tech. Information TechnologyB.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,1422
M.Tech. Software Engineering B.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,1440
M.Tech. Neutral Networks B.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,1458
M.Tech. Cyber Security B.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,1476
M.Tech. Bio Informatics B.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,1494
M.Tech. Bio Medical EngineeringB.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,1512
M.Tech. Environmental Engg. & Management B.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,1530
M.Tech. Renewable EnergyB.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,1548
M.Tech. Environmental Occupational Health & SafetyB.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,1566
M.Tech. Material Science and TechnologyB.E/B.Tech. degree 1,00,1584

About Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University:

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad is a public university, located in Hyderabad, Telangana, India, and one of India's leading educational universities focusing on engineering.

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