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Diploma Arts Courses

Diploma in Fine Arts Admission 2022: The students who are interested in the creativity line and have some creative mindset should prefer this course. Many institutes allow students to take this course after completing their 10th Class or 10+2 from a recognised educational board with a minimum required marks.
This course is designed to train students in painting, multimedia, sculpture, photography, etc. Students need to be specialized in at least two of the programs.

Art Is About

Arts represent the history and culture of humankind. Arts can be represented in music, dance, literature, sculpture, painting, photography & movies. Arts have their own words to translate and describe things to people aware of the civilization we have been inheriting for long ages. 
Arts is a mixture of streams, including the study of Virtual arts, fine arts, literary arts, performing arts, social science & humanities. In Arts, so many subjects come under it, so lots of options are there for the students to choose their career according to interest. So art is a necessary tool to analyze and measure the development of a country or state's creativity and social structure once upon a time when it is made.

After completing class 10th, students have an opportunity to opt for Arts Stream; after that, you can take it for Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Arts in a relevant subject. The duration of the Diploma course is 1 or 2 years depending upon the subject whereas Bachelor's and Master's degree is of 3years and 2 years respectively.

Eligibility Criteria (UG & PG) of Arts

There are some criteria for admission for pursuing Arts Course. These criteria aware the students of the Course requirement.

Guidelines and Eligibility For Undergraduates 

  • The student should score atleast 50% marks in 10+2 from a recognized board.
  • Students from any stream, either from Science, Commerce, or medical, can pursue an Arts course.
  • No cutoff criteria for the Students belonging to SC and ST category

Eligibility Criteria for Postgraduates

  • The students should pass graduation from a recognized board.
  • The student should score atleast 50% marks in their graduation degree.

Diploma in Fine Arts Distance Education

Diploma in Fine Arts distance education is a 1-2 years diploma course. The duration of the course depends on the variety of the course. In this course, the candidates learn about various topics related to the study of visual arts, printmaking, painting, digital media, photography, etc. Students prefer to study for the diploma in fine arts because of the similarity in their field of interest and the job opportunity.

Diploma in Fine Arts Subjects

Part I History of Indian Art (From pre-history to 6th century Ad) Part II Fundamental of Art
Still Life (Practical)
Landscape (practical) or Clay Modelling
Internal/Sessional works
Part I History of Indian Art (From pre-history to 6th century Ad) Part-II Fundamental of Art
Still Life (Practical)
Landscape (practical) or Clay Modelling
Internal/Sessional works
Part I History of Indian Art (From 7th century AD to 18th century AD) Part II Fundamental of Art
Head study (Practical)
Landscape (practical) or Clay Modelling
Internal/Sessional works
Part I History of Indian Art (From 7th century AD to 18th century AD) Part II Fundamental of Art
Head study (Practical)
Landscape (practical) or Clay Modelling
Internal/Sessional works
Part I History of Indian Art (A brief summary of prehistoric to Gothic) Part II Fundamental of Art
Portrait painting (Practical)
Landscape (practical) or Clay Modelling
Internal/Sessional works
Part I History of Indian Art (A brief summary of early Renaissance to Baroque) Part II Fundamental of Art
Portrait painting (Practical)
Landscape (practical) or Clay Modelling
Internal/Sessional works

Arts Courses Diploma in India

Students have basic skills in the Diploma in Arts such as creativity line, good skill to grab it all the knowledge. After completing a diploma in arts, students can build a career in numerous fields. Here are many jobs positions in the market such as Graphic Designer, Art Teacher, Flash animator, Art liaison officer.

Post Graduate Diploma in Guidance and Counselling

It is a 3 years course. Through this program, students can learn how to demonstrate an advanced and integrated understanding of professional and theoretical knowledge, ethical reasoning principles, research methods, and recent development in guidance and counselling.

Diploma in French

It will be taken to complete 3-year. students must pass 12 standards with 50% marks. A diploma in French language course allows applicants to learn the basics of French Grammar and read simple sentences and passages to learn French words. Many colleges are offered a Diploma in a French course in India. The average fees for a course are Rs 1000 to 1 lacs. It is a diploma course. Students get jobs in this field Education institutes, French Embassy, Translation Department, Data entry Centers.

Diploma In Acting

It is complete in 3 years. It is a diploma course in acting.  for being part of the course students have to clear the intermediate level. Candidate must be passed 10 and 12 standards from the reputed school and must secure passing marks. The admission will be based on the students' marks sheet.  Every college has its own eligibility criteria, admission process, and fees structure. The range of the amount is approximately Rs 50K to 1 Lac for 3 years. 

Diploma In Russian

One year course in a diploma program. The eligibility criteria which is 12 certificate with 45 to 50% marks. The average amount for Rs  2000 and 20000 in India. The students can pursue their careers as Lecturer or Professor, translator, foreign language professional, etc.

Diploma In Music

This course will be completed in 3  years in Music. Students must clear 12 certificates with passing marks. Admission will be based on Intermediate and  Bachelor’s degrees. The amount of the course is Rs 15,000 to 2 Lakh. After completing the course students get many jobs opportunity in the market such as  Artist & Repertoire (A&R) Person, Band Leader, Composer/Arranger, Music Attorney, Assist. Art Director, Concert Promoter, Disc Jockey, Film Music Director/Editor, Music Critic, Advertising Specialist, Studio Musician, Music Teacher, Recording Technician, Music Publisher, Singer/Performer, etc.

Post Graduate Diploma

In Public Relations complete in 1 year. Semesters are divided into 2 parts. It is basically a mass communication course. The average amount of this course is Rs 30,000 and 8 Lacs. Students who passed the graduation level with 55% are eligible for this program. The students can pursue their careers in Book My Show, DNA Networks, Encompass, Lintas, Percept Picture Company Rediffusion, Vibgyor, Wizcraft, Dainik Bhaskar, Doordarshan, Genpact India News, etc.

Diploma In Library

And Information Science is a certificate-level course completed in 3 years. The students who are want to take up this course must have some basic eligibility criteria like they must have completed their 10+2 with 50% marks. The range of the amount is approximately Rs 20,000 to  90,000. The admission will be based on the merit list. Different universities have different eligibility criteria for this course. Some of the institutes take an entrance test. 

Diploma In English

It is a one-year course. For admission, the student has to attend the entrance test.  The range of the amount is approximately Rs 1,000 to 90,000. After completing the course students get many jobs opportunity in the market such as Teacher, Translator, Technical Account Manager, Correlation Specialist, Associate community manager, etc. 

Diploma In Chinese 

The Diploma in Chinese course has 3- years diploma course programs, If the student can wish admission for this course the admission will be do through the basis of marks obtained by the candidates in 12th class board and its equivalent examinations. 

Diploma Course Duration and Fee Structure



Course Type


Post Graduate Diploma In Guidance & Counselling3 yearsPost Graduate25000 to 75000
Diploma In French2 yearsDiploma30000 to 65000
Diploma In Acting3 yearsDiploma35000 to 1,15000
Diploma In Russian1 yearDiploma27000 to 2,20000
Diploma In Music3 yearsDiploma23000 to 95000
Diploma In German3 yearsDiploma24000 to 80000
Post Graduate Diploma In Public Relations3 yearsPostGraduate27000 to 88000
Diploma In Fine Arts3 yearsDiploma28000 to 95000
Advanced Diploma In German1 yearDiploma29000 to 97000
Diploma In Library And Information Science3 yearsDiploma32000 to 85000
Advanced Diploma In French1 yearDiploma34000 to 86000
Diploma In English3 yearsDiploma32000 to 97000
Diploma In Japanese3 yearsDiploma35000 to 75000
Diploma In Chinese3 yearsDiploma32000 to 85000
Diploma In Counselling & Guidance1 yearDiploma36000 to 72000
Diploma In Cinematography3 yearsDiploma38000 to 76000
Diploma In Public Administration1 yearDiploma39000 to 78000
Diploma In Translation3 yearsDiploma30000 to 790000
Post Graduate Diploma In The Teaching Of English [PGDTE]2 yearsPost Graduate32000 to 80000

After 10th diploma courses list for girl

There is course list only for girls so they can pursue these courses just after completing their 10+2 standard with minimum of 50% of marks. Here is list of courses for girls after 10th

  • Diploma In Art Teaching
  • Diploma In Art Teaching
  • Diploma In Beauty & Hair Dressing
  • Diploma In Garment Technology
  • Diploma In Yoga
  • Fashion Designing Course
  • IT & Computer Technology
  • ITI CourseLaboratory Technician Diploma
  • Nursing DiplomaTravel & Tourism Study

Careers in Arts

Suppose we use the line Unity in Diversity for India. In that case, it is right because India is a home of people from various faiths, Old cultures, and democracy, making India a diverse country. India has a rich cultural heritage, great history, Best demographic and geographical conditions, Political conditions, Music, and art. When these qualities convert into subjects, they are in high demand and provide lots of job opportunities.

In today's stressful working conditions, the demand for counselors and educators increases manifolds likewise need for good journalists are also in high demand because they act as a filler to narrow the gap between people and government likewise the demand for animators and designers is also increasing.

Upcoming Trends

The art field is vast as time changes people know our history, culture with information and knowledge of our rich cultural heritage this is why the growth and demand of Arts course are increasing over the time. And provide new dimensions of studies.

● The art field provides not only career and job opportunities but also open future opportunities in the field; some of them are given below-

● Galeries, Digital art museums, and public spaces.

● Branding and Marketing of products through online platforms & social media. Increment of Digital Creators and screen space is increased.

● Using of artificial intelligence presentation of high tech arts. 

Job Profiles


The journalist's role is to research data, then edit, write and finally publish new stories based on facts on available platforms. The average salary of the journalist is approx. 4 Lakhs per annum.

Art Therapist

The art therapist analyses and read the emotions of others then draw sketches accordingly. The average salary of the therapist is approx. 4 Lakhs per annum.

Fashion Designer

The role of fashion designers is to design and create new belongings in clothes, pieces of jewelry, and other accessories. The average salary of the fashion designer is approx. 4 Lakhs per annum.


The role of the counselor is very important. They guide and help people in time of need. Any issues like relationships, personal, lifestyle, and any other issues, the counselor helps many people overcome any anxiety and problems.


The role of a lawyer is to advise their clients and represent themselves in front of the court in any legal matters. The average salary of the lawyer is approx. 3.5 Lakhs per annum.


The role of the curator is to organize exhibitions, arrange artifacts restoration, record and identify items, assembles, catalogs, etc. The average salary of the curator is approx. 3 Lakhs per annum

Graphic Designer

The role of a Graphic designer is to visualize and create graphics, logos, layouts & illustrations. The average salary of the Graphic Designer is approx. 4 Lakhs per annum.


The role of the photographer is so important because he captures the crucial moment that will not return. Hence, a photographer blends his technical skills with an artistic approach to capture a moment for a lifetime. The average salary of the photographer is approx. 4 Lakhs per annum. 


The role of a teacher is to assist and provide a creative, innovative, investigative environment filled with curiosity for the betterment of students for a new thought process and guides youth students to reveal and expose them to different subjects and topics that will be helpful in the future. The average salary of the Teacher is approx. 5 Lakhs per annum

Social Worker 

The role of a social worker is to work for society to solve their issues. The social worker helps and assists women, children, older people's problems, or any other warm issues who need support. The average salary of the Social worker is approx. 3 Lakhs per annum

Scope of Arts in India and Abroad

The scope of Art course is vast. There are various subjects under the Art course chosen by the students according to their interests. For the overall personality development of a student, the Arts course is very beneficial. The course provides knowledge and strengthens cultural understandings and responsibility. The course is also helpful to develop Analytical thinking, Critical thinking, and writing skills. There is huge scope for the students to work in hospitality, tourism, academics, media, and aviation. The art students are eligible to work in both public and private sectors due to wide domain students having opportunities all the time.

The Art course should be opted by the students who are creative and socially active. For those who like to read about culture and human societies, then this course is for them. Arts is a professional course, and students can start their career journey as a professional.

Top Recruiters

  • Nike
  • NDTV
  • NGOs
  • Shutterstock
  • Digital Camera World
  • Dell
  • Marriott
  • Wizcraft
  • Pixar
  • Disney
  • Times of India
  • Ernst and Young
  • HT Media
  • Netflix
  • Amazon
  • Wrangler

Required Skillset for Arts

Now in the present competitive world, just text knowledge is not enough. Some other skills are required, like aptitude, which enhances your talents.

Those students who have additional skills will work more effectively and efficiently. Some of the skills are given below-


Creativity is someone's ability to think productively and for the creative outcomes in philosophy, literature, reading, and painting.

Communication Skills

 Communication skill is one of the most important skills. It includes the effectiveness of listening and speaking ability. Students should have active listeners and confident speakers who convey the message in a clear and precise way. Students should develop effective ideas with an open mind.


In simpler words, visualization conveys the message through charts, images, animations, and diagrams. It is mandatory for Art students who want to be photographers, graphic designers, or artists.

Presentation Skills

It is one of the most important skills for better understanding; we take an example for more clarity. In an exam, those students who qualify in a written exam, but the selection of the candidates depends upon the Interview, which is presentation skill. Hence, from this example, students understand the importance of Presentation skills.

Observation Skills

This skill is one of the most important skills because it is aware of students' attitudes, moods, and behavior of the people around them. Great leaders have this quality.

Entrance Exams for Arts

  • Banaras Hindu University Undergraduate Entrance Test (BHU UET)
  • Jawaharlal Nehru University Entrance Exam (JNUEE)
  • Tata Institute of Social Science Bachelor's Admission Test (TISS NET)
  • Delhi University Entrance Test (DUET)

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