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Courses & Fees

The Global Open University Fee  Structure 2024-25: This University is located in Dimapur, Nagaland, India. Global Open University was established in 2006. It is an open university for students.

Get detailed information about Global Open University latest Fee structure 2024-25.

The Global Open University Fee Structure 2024-25

Advanced Diploma1 Yr7,525
P.G Diploma2 Yrs8,525
Diploma in Science1 Yr15,125
BA {Hons.}3 Yrs18,125
BSW3 Yrs18,125
Distance BA3 Yrs18,725
1 Yr1 Yr24,125
M.Lib.I.Sc1 Yr24,125
M.Com2 Yrs24,125
Distance M.Sc2 Yrs24,125
MA2 Yrs24,125
MPH2 Yrs24,125
MSW2 Yrs24,125
MHA2 Yrs24,125
MBL2 Yrs24,125
LLM2 Yrs24,125
Distance B.Com3 Yrs24,125
B.Sc3 Yrs24,125
BA3 Yrs24,125
BHMTT3 Yrs24,125
Distance BCA3 Yrs31,524
BBA3 Yrs31,625
Distance MBA2 Yrs32,625
Distance MCA3 Yrs37,525

TGO University B.A Fee Structure 2024-25

Course SpecializationEligibility CriteriaFee
BA Counselling and GuidanceMin. 55% in 10+2 18,145 
BA EconomicsMin. 55% in 10+2 18,145 
BA EducationMin. 55% in 10+2 18,145 
BA GeneralMin. 55% in 10+2 18,125 
BA HistoryMin. 55% in 10+2 18,125 
BA in Hospitality ManagementMin. 55% in 10+2 18,145 
BA InternationalMin. 55% in 10+2 18,125 
BA Journalism and Mass CommunicationMin. 55% in 10+2 18,145 
BA NGO ManagementMin. 55% in 10+2 18,125 
BA Physical EducationMin. 55% in 10+2 18,125 
BA Political ScienceMin. 55% in 10+2 18,145 
BA Sport InfrastructureMin. 55% in 10+2 18,145 
BA Sports EducationMin. 55% in 10+2 18,125 
BA Women StudiesMin. 55% in 10+2 18,125 

TGO University M.A Fee Structure 2024-25

Course SpecializationEligibility CriteriaFee
MA Adult EducationMin. 55% in graduation25,100
MA AntiTerror LawsMin. 55% in graduation24,705
MA ArbitrationMin. 55% in graduation24,445
MA Broadcast JournalismMin. 55% in graduation24,765
MA Child Care and DevelopmentMin. 55% in graduation24,945
MA Conflict ResolutionMin. 55% in graduation24,485
MA Dalit StudiesMin. 55% in graduation24,585
MA DiplomacyMin. 55% in graduation24,385
MA Distance EducationMin. 55% in graduation24,965
MA EconomicsMin. 55% in graduation24,325
MA EducationMin. 55% in graduation24,825
MA Educational Planning and Administration of Educational TechnologyMin. 55% in graduation25,140
MA EnglishMin. 55% in graduation24,285
MA EthicsMin. 55% in graduation25,160
MA GeographyMin. 55% in graduation24,625
MA Good GovernanceMin. 55% in graduation24,545
MA Health EducationMin. 55% in graduation24,885
MA Higher EducationMin. 55% in graduation24,845
MA HindiMin. 55% in graduation24,305
MA HistoryMin. 55% in graduation24,345
MA International RelationsMin. 55% in graduation24,405
MA Journalism and Mass CommunicationMin. 55% in graduation24,745
MA Mediation and Alternative Dispute ResolutionMin. 55% in graduation24,465
MA NegotiationMin. 55% in graduation24,505
MA Photo JournalismMin. 55% in graduation24,785
MA Physical EducationMin. 55% in graduation24,925
MA Planning and DevelopmentMin. 55% in graduation24,565
MA Political ScienceMin. 55% in graduation24,365
MA Public AdministrationMin. 55% in graduation24,425
MA Public RelationsMin. 55% in graduation24,805
MA Rural DevelopmentMin. 55% in graduation24,685
MA School EducationMin. 55% in graduation25,120
MA Science EducationMin. 55% in graduation24,985
MA SociologyMin. 55% in graduation24,525
MA South Asian StudiesMin. 55% in graduation24,645
MA Trafficking AbatementMin. 55% in graduation24,725
MA Tribal DevelopmentMin. 55% in graduation24,605
MA Value EducationMin. 55% in graduation24,865
MA Vocational and Technical EducationMin. 55% in graduation24,905
MA Women’s StudiesMin. 55% in graduation24,665

TGO B.Sc University Fee Structure 2024-25

Course SpecializationEligibility CriteriaFee
B.Sc  Physical AssistantshipMin. 55% in 10+28,302
B.Sc Accident and Emergency Care TechnologyMin. 55% in 10+28,422
B.Sc Audiology and Speech-LanguageMin. 55% in 10+28,602
B.Sc Aviation ManagementMin. 55% in 10+28,062
B.Sc Cardiac TechnologyMin. 55% in 10+28,462
B.Sc Cardio Pulmonary PerfusionMin. 55% in 10+28,482
B.Sc Care TechnologyMin. 55% in 10+28,502
B.Sc Construction ManagementMin. 55% in 10+28,142
B.Sc Critical Care TechnologyMin. 55% in 10+28,442
B.Sc Dialysis TechnologyMin. 55% in 10+28,522
B.Sc DieteticsMin. 55% in 10+28,702
B.Sc Environmental ScienceMin. 55% in 10+28,102
B.Sc Fashion Design and ManagementMin. 55% in 10+28,122
B.Sc Fire ScienceMin. 55% in 10+28,242
B.Sc Industrial Drug ScienceMin. 55% in 10+28,222
B.Sc Industrial Safety ManagementMin. 55% in 10+28,262
B.Sc Information TechnologyMin. 55% in 10+28,082
B.Sc Interior DesignMin. 55% in 10+28,162
B.Sc Medical Laboratory TechnologyMin. 55% in 10+28,282
B.Sc Medical Record ScienceMin. 55% in 10+28,542
B.Sc Medical SociologyMin. 55% in 10+28,562
B.Sc Medical SociologyMin. 55% in 10+28,582
B.Sc Naturopathy and Yoga ScienceMin. 55% in 10+28,202
B.Sc Neuro electrophysiologyMin. 55% in 10+28,402
B.Sc Nuclear Medicine TechnologyMin. 55% in 10+28,662
B.Sc NutritionMin. 55% in 10+28,682
B.Sc Operation Theatre and Anaesthesia TechnologyMin. 55% in 10+28,322
B.Sc OptometryMin. 55% in 10+28,642
B.Sc Pathology, RadiotherapyMin. 55% in 10+28,622
B.Sc Prosthetics and OrthoticsMin. 55% in 10+28,382
B.Sc Radiology and Imaging TechnologyMin. 55% in 10+28,342
B.Sc Respiratory TherapyMin. 55% in 10+28,362
B.Sc Sports ScienceMin. 55% in 10+28,042
B.Sc Vastu ScienceMin. 55% in 10+28,182

TGO University M.Sc Fee Structure 2024-25

Course SpecializationEligibility CriteriaFee
M.Sc and TechnologyMin. 55% in graduation25,220
M.Sc Applied BiologyMin. 55% in graduation25,800
M.Sc Applied PsychologyMin. 55% in graduation26,340
M.Sc Aviation ManagementMin. 55% in graduation25,420
M.Sc BioinformaticsMin. 55% in graduation25,840
M.Sc BiotechnologyMin. 55% in graduation25,860
M.Sc Building Construction TechnologyMin. 55% in graduation26,000
M.Sc Clinical ResearchMin. 55% in graduation26,180
M.Sc Colour ConsultationMin. 55% in graduation26,020
M.Sc CounsellingMin. 55% in graduation26,300
M.Sc CriminologyMin. 55% in graduation26,380
M.Sc Dairy ScienceMin. 55% in graduation25,780
M.Sc Disarmament StudiesMin. 55% in graduation25,580
M.Sc Disaster ManagementMin. 55% in graduation25,620
M.Sc Earth ScienceMin. 55% in graduation25,920
M.Sc EcotourismMin. 55% in graduation25,540
M.Sc Educational TechnologyMin. 55% in graduation26,460
M.Sc Embedded System DesignMin. 55% in graduation25,240
M.Sc EntrepreneurshipMin. 55% in graduation25,500
M.Sc EnvironmentalMin. 55% in graduation26,260
M.Sc Environmental ScienceMin. 55% in graduation25,600
M.Sc Fashion Design and ManagementMin. 55% in graduation25,260
M.Sc Fire ScienceMin. 55% in graduation26,480
M.Sc Forensic PsychologyMin. 55% in graduation26,360
M.Sc Forensic ScienceMin. 55% in graduation26,400
M.Sc Furniture DesignMin. 55% in graduation26,060
M.Sc FuturologyMin. 55% in graduation25,940
M.Sc Geriatric CareMin. 55% in graduation26,120
M.Sc Global Warming ReductionMin. 55% in graduation25,680
M.Sc Green BuildingsMin. 55% in graduation26,080
M.Sc Green BusinessMin. 55% in graduation25,720
M.Sc Green TechnologyMin. 55% in graduation25,740
M.Sc Habitat and Population StudiesMin. 55% in graduation25,660
M.Sc Hotel Management and Catering TechnologyMin. 55% in graduation25,440
M.Sc Industrial Drug ScienceMin. 55% in graduation26,200
M.Sc Industrial Safety ManagementMin. 55% in graduation26,500
M.Sc Information TechnologyMin. 55% in graduation25,180
M.Sc Institutional ManagementMin. 55% in graduation25,380
M.Sc Intellectual PropertyMin. 55% in graduation26,420
M.Sc Knowledge ManagementMin. 55% in graduation25,900
M.Sc LandscapingMin. 55% in graduation26,100
M.Sc Material ManagementMin. 55% in graduation25,300
M.Sc Medicinal PlantsMin. 55% in graduation26,160
M.Sc Mental Health DevelopmentMin. 55% in graduation26,220
M.Sc NanotechnologyMin. 55% in graduation25,880
M.Sc NGO ManagementMin. 55% in graduation25,520
M.Sc Organic FarmingMin. 55% in graduation25,760
M.Sc Peace and Global SecurityMin. 55% in graduation25,560
M.Sc Police AdministrationMin. 55% in graduation25,280
M.Sc Pollution ControlMin. 55% in graduation25,700
M.Sc Production and Operations ManagementMin. 55% in graduation25,360
M.Sc PsychologyMin. 55% in graduation26,240
M.Sc PsychologyMin. 55% in graduation26,280
M.Sc PsychotherapyMin. 55% in graduation26,320
M.Sc Remote SensingMin. 55% in graduation25,820
M.Sc Retail ManagementMin. 55% in graduation25,320
M.Sc RightsMin. 55% in graduation26,440
M.Sc Sport PsychologyMin. 55% in graduation26,520
M.Sc Sport ScienceMin. 55% in graduation26,540
M.Sc Sustainable DevelopmentMin. 55% in graduation25,640
M.Sc Total Quality ManagementMin. 55% in graduation25,400
M.Sc TourismMin. 55% in graduation25,460
M.Sc Travel and Hospitality ManagementMin. 55% in graduation25,480
M.Sc Urban PlanningMin. 55% in graduation25,960
M.Sc ValuationMin. 55% in graduation25,980
M.Sc Vastu ScienceMin. 55% in graduation26,040
M.Sc VLSI DesignMin. 55% in graduation25,200
M.Sc YogaMin. 55% in graduation26,140
M.ScForeign Trade ManagementMin. 55% in graduation25,340

TGO University Diploma Fee Structure 2024-25

Course SpecializationEligibility CriteriaFee
Diploma Building Services(Electrical)Min. 55% in 10+27,665
Diploma Building Services(Plumbing)Min. 55% in 10+27,685
Diploma Computer ApplicationMin. 55% in 10+27,605
Diploma DraftsmanshipMin. 55% in 10+27,645
Diploma Fire ScienceMin. 55% in 10+27,525
Diploma Industrial Drug ScienceMin. 55% in 10+27,725
Diploma in Industrial Safety ManagementMin. 55% in 10+27,545
Diploma in Information TechnologyMin. 55% in 10+27,625
Diploma Massage TherapyMin. 55% in 10+27,565
Diploma Naturopathy and Yogic SciencesMin. 55% in 10+27,705
Diploma SPA and Wellness ManagementMin. 55% in 10+27,585

TGO University PG Diploma Fee Structure 2024-25

Course SpecializationEligibility CriteriaFee
PG Diploma Advanced Clinical ResearchMin. 55% in graduation8,625
PG Diploma in Clinical ResearchMin. 55% in graduation8,605
PG Diploma Computer ApplicationMin. 55% in graduation8,665
PG Diploma Environment, Health, and SafetyMin. 55% in graduation8,565
PG Diploma in Fire ScienceMin. 55% in graduation8,525
PG Diploma in Industrial Safety ManagementMin. 55% in graduation8,545
PG Diploma in Information TechnologyMin. 55% in graduation8,685
PG Diploma Naturopathy and YogaMin. 55% in graduation8,645
PG Diploma Nutritional HealingMin. 55% in graduation8,585

About The Global Open University:

The Global Open University is an Indian university in the state of Nagaland, with campuses in Dimapur and Kohima.

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