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How to convert CGPA to Percentage?

CGPA to Percentage: CGPA is one of the most popular marking schemes followed by many state boards and by most universities and colleges in India. The conversion of CGPA to Percentage is as simple as finding the percentage of a given set of marks in the normal grading system that schools normally follow. Since some colleges or universities follow the CGPA grading system, students have the question of How to Convert CGPA into Percentages. On this particular page, we are going to talk about everything that you need to know about CGPA to Percentage Conversion. Converting CGPA to percentage is useful for students who want to apply to the various Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) in the country.

Is it possible to Convert CGPA into Percentage? Yes. It is. Nowadays, the CGPA marking scheme is followed by various educational institutions in the country. The college awards the students with the CGPA which they have scored in each of the subjects. However, the CGPA marking scheme might be quite confusing as it doesn't mention the marks or the percentage that the student has scored. So conversion plays an important role in making a good understanding of the performance of the student.

Most of the students wanted to know about 7.5 cgpa in percentage which is 71.25 percent. But most of them don't know how to calculate this or what are the steps to find out their CGPA in percentage. For such queries, we have created this article which will assist you in getting to know the calculation. Form year 2024, the CBSE result will be announced in CGPA which means there will be no marks in the certificate but CGPA scores. Students who come in the category of below average, mostly get a 4 CGPA. It indicates that they have qualified and been promoted to the next class. But students who get less than a D grade. Such students will have to revise their classes.

What is CGPA? 

The abbreviation "CGPA" stands for "cumulative grade point average." It is a grading system that is used by educational institutions such as schools and colleges to evaluate the overall academic progress of a student. The question “how to convert cgpa to percentage” of a student is calculated by taking their grade point average from all of their classes averaging them, and then multiplying the CGPA by the conversion factor. Students' cumulative grade point averages (CGPAs) determine whether they get an A, B, C, D, or F grade at the end of the semester. Every country has its own system for grading students. The scale of evaluation in India is based on percentages.

Conversion of CGPA to PErcentage is a must in the grading system is the new marks-measuring scale in the Indian Education culture. Earlier, Students used to get marks in each subject. But now, In schools, teachers assign Grades to each student. It is a cumulative mark. It includes not only the answers written on the answer sheet. A student taking active participation in other activities and in other co-curricular activities is also considered while calculating how to convert CGPA to Percentage.

Many students search for a 4.0 GPA Percentage. They can check the CGPA in the percentage table that is given below. Such students who get an SGPA of 4, have scored 38% on their scorecards. Commonly students achieve 8.2 to 9 grades on their report cards.

How to Convert CGPA to Percentage?

In the Grading system, students did not get the exact marks in any subjects. Students who have a difference of 4-8 marks are categorized in the same slot and get grade Points. These grades are used to minimize competition among students. CBSE stopped using the CGPA grading system to give marks. You can compute your percentage from your grade using an online CGPA to-percentage converter. The process of applying standardised measurements of various levels of accomplishment in a course is known as grading in education.

How to Convert CGPA to Percentage?

When students pass their matriculation(10th) exams, they can pursue many diploma certificate courses. Then, students are required to know How to convert 9.5 cgpa in percentage because many educational institutes release merit lists for admission. Grade points are assigned for every grade. Grade A1 represents 10 Grade points. Nine grade points are represented by grade ‘A2’.To get a percentage from CGPA Just, multiply the grade point by 9.5, and the answer is the Percentage. For example, A student gets a total CGPA grade of 10 on his report card. The Percentage will be 10*9.5= 95%.

Converting CGPA to Percentage is very easy. If you want to get the overall estimated Percentage, then all you need to do is multiply your CGPA by 9.5.

  • Step 1: First of all, note all of your grand points for each subject.
  • Step 2:Divide the total grade point by the number of subjects. This refers to CGPA. Let you have obtained points 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, and 9 in five subjects. Initially get their average
  • Step 3: Now, multiply the CGPA by 9.5, Average CGPA = (7+7.5+8+8.5+9)/5
  • Step 4: This will result in a percentage. Hence the Average CGPA is = 8
  • 7.5 cgpa in percentage = 71.25%.

CGPA to Percentage Chart

CGPA to Percentage Chart

CGPA to Percentage Conversion Certificate

CGPA to percentage conversion certificate is a document that provides students with authentication that they have converted their CGPA into percentage correctly. Many universities & institutions provide this certificate and one has to request their institution for the CGPA to Percentage Conversion Certificate. Doing this is a piece of cake for students who know the formula. The cumulative grade point average (CGPA) cannot be converted to a percentage using a single formula that applies to all educational institutions. The grading system that an institution opts to use will likely result in a modification to the conversion formula. Also for the student below we have provided a CGPA to Percentage Conversion Certificate which students can download.

CGPA to Percentage Conversion Certificate

Difference between CGPA and Percentage

Although CGPA and Percentage both assess the performance of the students in numerical value still they have differences; CGPA is used for a semester and yearly performance, while percentage (%) covers the whole performance of the course or calculating how much we have scored in respect to total marks. Below are some points that will help you to differentiate between CGPA and Percentage more clearly:

  • % (Percentage) is used to cover the total performance till the decimals while CGPOA is used for aggregate performance in longer terms.
  • To get a good CGPA you need to secure a good percentage through all semesters/years.
  • UK and other countries' universities use a 4-point CGPA system, but still ask about the cgpa to the percentage of institutions in India utilize the 10-point CGPA system.

Online CGPA to Percentage Calculator

CGPA to percentage converter: The majority of students struggle to calculate their percentage since they are unfamiliar with the concept of CGPA. Students can use the online CGPA Calculator to get their marks in percentage from CGPA. Knowing the proportion will also assist applicants to get into college and advance in their career options.

The cumulative grade point average (CGPA) may be requested from candidates for entrance to higher education or job applications, however, for some criteria, students need it changed into a percentage. The online CGPA conversion process may differ depending on the institution or university.

According to the CGPA to percentage converter grading system to calculate in percentage form, many universities use a 4.0 grading scale to calculate its maximum marks whereas the 10.0 grading scale is most commonly used to calculate. The direct approach is a straightforward translation from CGPA/SGPA to %. In the weighted method, specific topics referred to as major subjects will receive increased weightage, which will subsequently be turned into percentages(%). The universities that adhere to their criteria determine the consistency in calculating CGPA/SGPA into percentages(%).

Conversion From CGPA to Percentage Table (9.5 Grading scale)

3 CGPA in percentage28.50%
3.1 CGPA in percentage29.45%
3.2 CGPA in percentage30.40%
3.3 CGPA in percentage31.35%
3.4CGPA in percentage32.30%
3.5 CGPA in percentage33.25%
3.6 CGPA in percentage34.20%
3.7 CGPA in percentage35.15%
3.8 CGPA in percentage36.10%
3.9 CGPA in percentage37.05%
4 CGPA in percentage38%
4.1 CGPA in percentage38.95%
4.2 CGPA in percentage39.90%
4.3 CGPA in percentage40.85%
4.4 CGPA in percentage41.80%
4.5 CGPA in percentage42.75%
4.6 CGPA in percentage43.70%
4.7 CGPA in percentage44.65%
4.8 CGPA in percentage45.60%
4.9 CGPA in percentage46.55%
5 CGPA in percentage47.50%
5.1 CGPA in percentage48.45%
5.2 CGPA in percentage49.40%
5.3 CGPA in percentage50.35%
5.4 CGPA in percentage51.30%
5.5 CGPA in percentage52.25%
5.6 CGPA in percentage53.20%
5.7CGPA in percentage54.15%
5.8 CGPA in percentage55.10%
5.9 CGPA in percentage56.05%
6 CGPA in percentage57%
6.1 CGPA in percentage57.95%
6.2 CGPA in percentage58.90%
6.3 CGPA in percentage59.85%
6.4 CGPA in percentage60.80%
6.5 CGPA in percentage61.75%
6.6 CGPA in percentage62.70%
6.7 CGPA in percentage63.65%
6.8 CGPA in percentage64.60%
6.9 CGPA in percentage65.55%
7 CGPA in percentage66.50%
7.1 CGPA in percentage67.45%
7.2 CGPA in percentage68.40%
7.3 CGPA in percentage69.35%
7.4 CGPA in percentage70.30%
7.5 CGPA in percentage71.25%
7.6 CGPA in percentage72.20%
7.7 CGPA in percentage73.15%
7.8 CGPA in percentage74.10%
7.9 CGPA in percentage75.05%
8 CGPA in percentage76%
8.1 CGPA in percentage76.95%
8.2 CGPA in percentage77.90%
8.3 CGPA in percentage78.85%
8.4 CGPA in percentage79.80%
8.5 CGPA in percentage80.75%
8.6 CGPA in percentage81.70%
8.7 CGPA in percentage82.65%
8.8 CGPA in percentage83.60%
8.9 CGPA in percentage84.55%
9 CGPA in percentage85.50%
9.1 CGPA in percentage86.45%
9.2 CGPA in percentage87.40%
9.3 CGPA in percentage88.35%
9.4 CGPA in percentage89.30%
9.5 CGPA in percentage90.25%
9.6 CGPA in percentage91.20%
9.7 CGPA in percentage92.15%
9.8 CGPA in percentage93.10%
9.9 CGPA in percentage94.05%
10 CGPA in percentage95%

CGPA to Percentage CBSE

The board examination results have been disclosed by the Central Board of Secondary Education. The statistics are presented as a cumulative grade point average (CGPA): Following the exam's hierarchy, it is the aggregate of the Grade Points earned in all subjects, excluding the sixth supplementary subject. The result format is different compared to the previous result. Students got marks in numeric form CGPA was not mentioned in their online results.

This year in 2024, CBSE has released results in this form as mentioned below. Marks are allocated for each subject and along with it, positional grades can be seen. cgpa to percentage These grades are different from CGPA. relative marking is used in positional grading.

CGPA to Percentage CBSE

CGPA to Percentage Calculation For CBSE Students

First Calculating CGPA Scores

Even though it is listed on the report card, it is simple to figure out your CGPA by yourself. Here is a step-by-step guide to follow.

Divide the sum of your grade scores across your top five subjects by 5.

For instance, if your overall grade point average is:

Subjects 1 through 5 are 9, 8, 6, 5, and 7, respectively.

Add the grade points in

Step 1: 9+8+6+5+7 = 35

Step 2: Divide it by 5.

35/5 = 7.0

Your CGPA is therefore 7.0.

It is now crucial to comprehend your outcome in percentages to assess your performance.

Secondly Calculating CGPA to Percentage (%)

Multiply your aggregate CGPA by 9.5 to get your CGPA as a Percentage(%).

For instance,

As 7.0 (CGPA) is multiplied by 9.5 in this instance, 66.5% results.

                                               GPA Conversion Table
4.0 ScalePercent(%)
4.0            (A)60-100(%)
3.0-3.9     (B)50-59(%)
2.0-2.9     (C)35-49(%)
1.0-1.9     (D)    —
0.0-0.9     (F)0-34(%)

Why Convert CGPA To Percentage?

There are many universities in India and all over the world that ask the students to fill in their marks in the Percentage form in the online registration form. At that time students get confused between the CGPA and Percentage. Then, they search for how to convert cgpa into a percentage. Here the solution to this question is given in detail.

In their report card, CGPA will be awarded to students. The CGPA to Percentage Calculator & Converter For every student's need, most universities and boards provide Marks in the Grade System, but students want to see marks in Percentage (%). Everyone wants to get higher marks so that they can get admission to a reputed college/university, and this is the fact if you are looking to study abroad, then higher grades are the prime focus. Many universities in India where you can apply with your GPA/CGPA Score.

Students must know that if they have got less than 4 CGPA in any subject then they will not be promoted to the next class.

CGPA to Percentage Conversion Formula

Let’s understand it with an example. Let’s say you have the following grade points in your different subjects.

  • Let’s assume a student's scores grades that are given below:
Subjects Grade

Now, if we calculate the average marks by adding all the grade points and dividing them by 5.

That is - 8+9+7+8+9/ 5, and then the CGPA is 8.2.

To convert CGPA into a percentage, you need to multiply it by 9.5

So, if we multiply 8.2 by 9.5, it will give a result of 77.9 (8.2*9.5=77.9%)

Hence, the percentage will be  77.9%.

The easiest way to remember the cgpa conversion to percentage formula is to multiply your CGPA by 9.5, and you will get the Percentage of your semester or academic year. cgpa to percentage Conversion Formula is mostly used by Class 10th and Class 12th students who have recently gotten their results. Indian Educational minister has recently announced that CBSE results will be announced this week. The result will be in the form of grades.

CGPA to Percentage Grades

Most of the students who convert CGPA to Percentage have queries like what will be their grades after conversion. To help such students we have provided the  below we have provided the Chart of CGPA to Percentage Grades:

CGPA to Percentage Grades

How to Convert CGPA into a Percentage out of 4?

Cumulative Grade Point Average is the name of the calculation used to calculate CGPA. It's a statistic used in schools and colleges to evaluate students' overall academic achievement. This rating scale was developed by the Central Board of Secondary Education.

The conversion of CGPA to a percentage out of 4 provides standardized measures of various degrees of accomplishment in a course. A grade can be given in the form of letters, a range, a percentage, or a number that is subtracted from a potential total to find out the cgpa to percentage.

How to Convert CGPA to Percentage in Engineering

Many Engineering universities and Institutions in India follow a 4 Scale grading (cgpa) system to distribute marks among the students. Whereas many universities follow their grading system. Students studying in IIT, NIIT, IIITs and other Engineering Institutions can follow the steps mentioned for "how to convert cgpa into percentage" to know their marks. In such cases, the University formula is used to know the percentage of students.

(I) CGPA to percentage for engineering formula which is being used by AICTE and IIT Madras presently: Percentage = 10 × CGPA − 7.5, equivalently, Percentage = 52.5 + 10 (CGPA − 6).

(ii) Formula which is being used by some NITs1 and CUSAT: Percentage = 10 × CGPA − 5, equivalently, Percentage = 55 + 10(CGPA − 6).

Percentage to GPA Converter

When it comes to comprehending the distinction between GPA and CGPA, students frequently struggle, especially when applying for UG-Undergraduate or PG-Postgraduate programmes (in certain situations). The percentage to GPA converter method is widely used to determine grades in India, which is the main cause of this. Even though how to convert CGPA to percentage is still fairly confusing, the CGPA technique of assessing a student's academic achievement has grown in favour of India's present educational system.

To convert Percentage(%) to GPA, two basic scales are frequently used, a 10.0 scale or a 4.0 scale. The US uses a 4.0 scale, while India uses a GPA scale of 10.0. Students must divide their percentage(%) by 100, multiply the result by 4, and then divide the result by 4 again to obtain their GPA on a 4.0 scale. The formula to convert a percentage to a GPA on a scale of 10.0 and 4.0 is as follows:

  • Percentage(%) to GPA on 10.0 Scale - Percentage-%/9.5
  • Percentage(%) to GPA on 4.0 Scale - (Percentage-%/100)x4

How to Convert GPA into marks?

Nowadays GPAs have been included in various jobs and postings such as in the SSC exam but there are still some exams where marks would be the only consideration, there are many free tools available online which help in converting GPAs into Marks. For example, if a student scores a GPA of 10 then the average mark the student is scoring is 550 and if the student still doesn't understand how to convert CGPA to Percentage? then they can refer to any free tool for that.

CGPA to Percentage Table (4.0 Scale) 

Letter GradePercentage4.0 Grade Scale
E/FUnder 650.0

How to calculate CGPA in University

How to Calculate CGPA into Percentage Delhi University

DU Cut Off List will released on 01 July 2024 for the undergraduate courses. On 11 January 2018, The University of Delhi announced, officially the conversion formula for Cumulative Grade Point Average. The CGPA to percentage DU formula is the same for all courses. Until now, the University did not specify any particular formula for conversion, which confused students applying for opportunities in India and across the world.

The formula for CGPA to Percentage du under CBCS was made on the Website in 2018. Since that, Delhi University has not specified any particular formula for students applying around the world.

Delhi University asks Percentage for admission to its UG and PG courses. It is a difficult task for students to calculate their percentage from CGPA. There is a specific formula available to calculate the percentage from the CGPA Grade. Students need to multiply the grade points they got with 9.5. The percentage for each grade point is mentioned on the page. Check it to know the correct percentage or CGPA.

As per the notice, the formula for CGPA to Percentage DU is the Final percentage of marks = 9.5 x CGPA of all six semesters.

LPU CGPA to Percentage

Lovely Professional University CGPA to Percentage conversion formula is available on its official website. However, to help students we have covered the LPU CGPA to Percentage in this article and how to calculate CGPA. After completing any UG degree your marks will be evaluated in GPA form. CGPA 10-pointers are commonly used in LPU and many other universities in India. Also, students can visit the page LPU Admission 2024-24 for more information.

CGPA to Percentage VTU

Visvesvaraya Technological University students can check the process to convert their CGPA scores into percentages. Also, students who want admission to this university need to check cgpa to percentage VTU for filling out the application form. To calculate, students have to multiply their CGPA scores by 9.5 and they will get their percentage.

How to Calculate CGPA into Percentages at Vidyasagar University?

Students studying at Vidyasagar University have doubts about how to convert CGPA into Percentage with the rules of their institute. In this section, we have included the details which you can use to convert CGPA into Percentages as per the subjects and the grade points of your university.

(a) In the case of an annual system, the percentage (%) of marks will be calculated based on UG (Hons) marks obtained (Part-I, Part-II & Part-III taken together). (b) In the case of the semester (CBCS) system, UG (Hons) equivalent percentage of marks converted from CGPA based on all semesters ( Sem-I to Sem-VI),as per the rule fixed by their respective home institution. (i) For the Vidyasagar University semester system (CBCS): Let, CGPA = 7.1, The equivalent percentage of marks for V.U. students (as per conversion rule of V.U) = 7.1 ×10 = 71 (ii) For other institutions with a semester system (CBCS): Similarly, for the students of other universities/Institutions and Autonomous Colleges affiliated to V.U, percentage of marks will be calculated as per the percentage conversion rule fixed by their home University/ Institution and Colleges

CGPA to Percentage Mumbai University

Mumbai University changed the CGPA to a Percentage conversion system. According to requests received from applicants and other institutions on the conversion of the cumulative grade point average to percentage, the departments of Mumbai University have made this known. The committee was established by the University with attention to the prerequisites to create the formula.

The cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is computed using a weighted average approach, which makes it impossible to properly change the CGPA to the actual percentage of marks.  The conversion formula is an approximate representation of CGPA to Percentage(%).

  • For the 7 Point Grading System (CGBS),The percentage shall be calculated on the percentage of actual marks obtained by the students.
  • For the 10-Point Grading System (CBCS),the formula for calculating the percentage is given by.

                              Percentage (%) = 7.1 x CGPA + 11

How to Calculate CGPA into Percentage Dayalbagh Educational Institute (DEI):

DEI calculates grades on the 11 Point Scale. Candidates are awarded SGPA every semester by average Grade Points (GP) in the Credit (C) ratio of each Course. The Procedure for Calculating SGPA:

SGPA = GP1 x C1 + GP2 x C2 + ………. + GPn x Cn / C1 + C2 + …….. + Cn

The Overall performance of all semester programs is given as CGPA, a Similar way for the subject's credit during the entire program. Multiplication of CGPA by 10 equivalent marks of all semester.

The minimum CGPA for different programmes is given in the following table and is common for both PG and UG Programmes:

1.First with Distinction8.5
2.First 6

Also, check out:Dayalbagh Educational Institue admission

How to Calculate CGPA into Percentage for Gujarat Technological University (GTU Percentage Calculator)

In GTU students get grades like SPI(Semester Performance Index),CPI (Cumulative Performance Index),and CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average). Students can have a semester-based performance by using SPI grades, CPI grades are used to know the overall performance of the year. In the last, the CGPA is used to show overall performance in the specific course. CGPA full form in GTU is a Cumulative Grade Point Average. This system is new in India. 

CGPA To Percentage in Gujarat Technological University (GTU),the Formula of it is:

Percentage = (CGPA-0.5) *10

How to Calculate CGPA into Percentage Chandigarh University

Chandigarh University uses a CGPA system to evaluate the marks of its students. Each semester grades are awarded to students based on performance. The highest marks are considered as a reference to allot grade points.

 Chandigarh University CGPA to Percentage

How to Convert CGPA into Percentage at Amity University

Many students get confused about CGPA. As they don't know how to convert cgpa into a percentage for amity university admission.

Amity University Noida has a very simple method to calculate CGPA to Percentage for semester exams and Campus Recruitment:

CGPA  * 10 = Percentage (%)

For Example: If somebody is having 5.7 CGPA till the current semester then his/her percentage would be

5.7  X  10  =   57%

CGPA to percentage SPPU

According to the decision made by the SPPU university authorities, the following information is provided in response to several inquiries regarding the conversion of CGPA to the percentage for the fulfilment of requirements needed to apply for various vacancies in the Central and State government sector, the Defense establishment, etc.

The conversion of CGPA into a percentage of marks be calculated as per the following formula-

                                   Percentage(%) of marks = CGPA x 8.80

where CGPA = Sum of Grade points + Credits for each Course

                                   Total Credits 

This conversion should be done at the college level and given to the students with the principal's certification in the format specified in the attachment.

CGPA to percentage conversion for D Grade

Percentage(%) = CGPA x 6.6 + 13.6

CGPA to percentage conversion for C Grade

Percentage(%) = CGPA x 10 - 2.50

CGPA to percentage conversion for B Grade

Percentage(%) = CGPA x 10 - 2.50

CGPA to percentage conversion for B+ Grade

Percentage(%) = CGPA x 5 - 26.25

CGPA to percentage conversion for A Grade

Percentage(%) = CGPA x 10 - 7.5

CGPA to percentage conversion for A+ Grade

Percentage(%) = CGPA x 12 - 25\

CGPA to percentage conversion for O Grade

Percentage(%) = CGPA x 20 - 100

How to calculate cgpa into percentages Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University (IPU):

IPU has a different Grading system; performance in every semester will be mentioned as Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA)& rounded to 2 decimal digits. All the semesters' cumulative performance will be known as Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA).

The formula for the calculation of SGPA and CGPA is given below:

SGPA= C i G i / Ci
CGPA= C ni G ni / C ni

Ci – number of credits for the ITH course. Gi– grade point obtained in the ith course. Cni – number of credits of the ith course of the nth semester. Mni – marks of the ith course of the nth semester. Geni – grade points of the ith course of the nth semester.

CGPA of 4.00 – 4.99shall be placed in the Third Division.
CGPA of 5.00 – 6.49shall be placed in the Second Division.
CGPA of 6.50or above shall be placed in the First Division.

calculation of CGPA to Percentage: The CGPA x 10 shall be deemed equivalent to a percentage of marks obtained by the student for equivalence to the percentage of marks.

% of Marks = (final CGPA – 0.5) x 10

Jamia Millia Islamia:

Jamia Millia Islamia has a unique way to calculate CGPA to Percentage

The Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA) will be computed using the following Formula:

-> SGPA = Σ [ Gn.Crn] / Σ Crn

where Gn is the grade point awarded for the nth course and Crn is the number of credits assigned to the nth course. The summation in the above extends to the total number of courses in the semester. Computation of SGPA would be done up to the second decimal place

The Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of a student will be computed using the Formula:

-> CGPA=Σ {[ (SGPA)1.S1]+ Σ [ (SGPA)2.S2]}/(S1+S2)

where (SGPA)1 and (SGPA)2 are the SGPA of the 1st and 2nd semesters, and S1 and S2 are the total credits for the 1st and 2nd semesters.

Converting CGPA to Percentage(%)

The CGPA of DTU graduates can theoretically be multiplied by a factor of 10 to convert it to a Percentage(%).

Percentage(%) = CGPA x 10

Take the CGPA score from the first scenario as an example. Now, its equal in percentage is,

Percentage(%) = 6.745 X 10 = 67.45%

-> Marks in Percentage = CGPA*10

How to Convert CGPA Into Percentage in College/Universities

Vardhaman Open University CGPA System

VMOU Grading System Calculating Formula 

In VMOU SGPA is used to calculate the Semester Grade points the formula is mentioned below whereas, the yearly-based Grade points are denoted as YGPA. The year's Grade point is compiled as CGPA In VMOU.

How to Calculate CGPA into Percentage for AKTU (Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University)

AKTU has a unique procedure for calculating CGPA to Percentage, which Uses a 10-point grading system. You have to remember a few things before CGPA to Percentage. The Formula to calculate CGPA is CGPA= Sum of (Ci*GPi)/ Sum of (Ci), Ci= credit given by to a particular course, GPi= Grade point on courses, and you need to include failed courses also. For Percentage calculation, the Formula is: Percentage = 10 * CGPA – 3.75

The conversion formula for the conversion of CGPA into Percentage at AKTU is (CGPA-0.75) x 10 = Percentage of marks scored.

CGPA to Percentage: (7.66-0.75) x 10 =69.1%

What Do The Abbreviations Found In Results Mean?

EIOP:Eligible for Improvement of Performance
N.E:Not Eligible
N.R:Not Registered
NIOP:Not Eligible for Improvement of Performance
QUAL:Qualified for Admission to Higher Classes
R.W:Result Withheld
TRNS:Transfer Case
UFM:Unfair Means
XXXX:Appeared for Upgradation of Performance/ Additional Subject

How to Convert CGPA into Marks?

Nowadays Universities and colleges calculate the performance of students using grade points. They have started using the CGPA method to calculate the student's marks. There is an example of how to convert CGPA into marks if you need to understand how to convert CGPA into percentages. you have to multiply your CGPA9.5. For example, if you got an 8 CGPA your total percentage of marks would be 89.5= 76%. Furthermore, if you want to calculate total marks you can multiply your percentage and divide by 100 by the total marks (total subjects). Here is an example if you have a total of 5 subjects, all of the subjects have individual 100 marks, your marks in 12th Grade would be (76/100)*500= 380 marks.

Question 1: What is the full form of CGPA?

Answer: CGPA stands for Cumulative Grade Points Average.

Question 2: What exactly is CGPA?

Answer: CGPA is a grading system that has been used in the educational sector. Cumulative Grade Points are the average of grade points obtained in all subjects.

Question 3: How to Calculate CGPA?

Answer: Calculate CGPA by adding the marks of the main subject and dividing the sum obtained by the total number of subjects then you get CGPA.

Question 4: How do I calculate CGPA to Percentage?

Answer: To Calculate CGPA to Percentage Multiply your CGPA Marks by Nine Point Five.

Question 5: How to convert CGPA into a percentage out of 4

Answer: Multiply 4 By 9.5 = 38%.

Question 6: How to Convert 7.5 CGPA to Percentage?

Answer: To Convert 7.5 CGPA to Percentage, Multiply 7.5*9.5 and the result will be 71.75%.

Question 7: 8.64 CGPA to a percentage?


Question 8: How to convert SGPA to Percentage SPPU?

Answer: To convert SGPA to percentage, You need to multiply your grade by 8.8.

Question 9: What is the 3.5 GPA into percentage?

Ans: A 3.5 GPA in percentage is 90.

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