NEET UG 2022- Examination Reschedules Requests from Students

Students continued to ask for the postponing of the National Eligibility Completion Entrance Test
(Undergraduate) NEET UG 2022 test. Because it is " too near" to other competitive tests,
including JEE Mains and CUET, the NEET candidates have urged that the NEET UG 2022
exam, which is slated for July 17, be postponed. Hashtags such as #PostPoneNEETUG,
#MODIJIextendNEETUG and #JusticeforNEETUG began to start trending on Twitter as the
the government was requested to postpone the NEET UG 2022 test by MBBS applicants. Since the
NEET UG 2022 test date is contiguous with the CUET-UG 2022 and the JEE Main 2022
examinations, many people want NEET-UG 2022 postponed since they feel they have little time
to study for the medical exam.
The reason behind the request by medical aspirants: The medical candidates have
submitted a plea to postpone NEET-UG 2022. The NEET applicants claimed in their appeal that
the 2021 NEET-UG counseling had only been completed in March and that the 2022 version was set
to begin on July 17. “How will the students be able to prepare for such a large curriculum in
such a short period of time of only three months?” question asked by the aspirants. Additionally,
other significant examinations such as the Board Exams, CUCET, and JEE Mains are also
planned for the same period of time. Understand the tension and frustration that our students
are experiencing as a result of having so many important examinations scheduled one right
after another. Is this a reasonable ruling? The petition was challenged.

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